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How can I contact the governor of Bihar?

How can I contact the governor of Bihar?

To contact with the Governor of Bihar, please use this office phone number: +91-612-2217626. To talk with Principal Secretary, you can use his office phone number: +91 612 2217468, +91 612 2786190, +91 612 2786179.

How is the governor of Bihar 2021?

Phagu Chauhan is the current governor of Bihar.

Which is governor of Bihar?

Phagu ChauhanSince 2019

Who is the principal secretary of Governor of Bihar?

Shri Robert L. Chongthu,

Principal Secretaries / Secretaries to Governor Period
Shri Brijesh Mehrotra 02.08.2017 05.04.2018
Shri Vivek Kumar Singh 05.04.2018 19.08.2019
Shri Brijesh Mehrotra 19.08.2019 17.03.2020
Shri Chaitanya Prasad 17.03.2020 11.12.2020

How can I complain to CM Bihar?

Write To The Chief Minister

  1. Address. Chief Minister Secretariat. 4,DeshRatna Marg, Patna, Bihar, PIN Code : 800001.
  2. Email. cmbihar[at]nic[dot]in.
  3. FAX. +91-612-2224129.
  4. TEL. Residence 2222079, 2223393, 2217741, 2215168, 2215167. Secretariat 2215601, 2217289, 2205911, 2215066, 2215047, 2211324, 2219430.

Who is the UP governor?

Anandiben PatelSince 2019
Uttar Pradesh/Governor

What is grievance status?

The registration number of the Grievance is invariably indicated on the communication transferring the same to the concerned Ministry / Department or State Government, with a copy being endorsed to the petitioner. …

What is the capital of Bihar?

Patna, ancient Pataliputra, city, capital of Bihar state, northern India. It lies about 290 miles (470 km) northwest of Kolkata (Calcutta). Patna is one of the oldest cities in India. During the Mughal period it was known as Azimabad.

Who is SDM of Patna?

Cadre Designation Name
Bihar Administrative Service Additional Collector Patna SURESH KUMAR SHARMA

Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?

The Chief Minister of Bihar is the head of the executive branch of the Government of Bihar . The current Chief Minister of Bihar is Nitish Kumar, who was elected with majority votes. He is the member of Janata Dal (United), one of the most important political parties in Bihar.

Who was the first governor of Bihar?

The first governor of Bihar in independent India was Mr. Jairamdas Daulatram, a political leader and freedom fighter.

What is Bihar famous for?

Bihar state that gave important religions – Buddhism and Jainism to the world. Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician, educationalist and a columnist recognized for his Super 30 programme. Bihar is famous for great personalities such as Valmiki ,Dr. Rajendra Prasad , Chanakya , Ashok Kumar ,Aaryabhatta and so on.

Who is the Education Minister of Bihar?

Currently Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma of party Janata Dal (United) is the education minister of the bihar, he took the office on 27 July 2017.