How do I become a British Airways air hostess?

How do I become a British Airways air hostess?

British Airways Cabin Crew Requirements Criteria You must be able to acquire a US Visa. Have a vertical function reach of at least 2.01m (6’7). Have 3 GCSE’s at Grade C or above or the equivalent (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking). Be fluent in written and spoken English.

How much do air hostesses get paid British Airways?

Salary, Bonuses & Benefits Crew will be able to earn up to £28,000 a year with flying/duty pay and a tax-fee subsistence allowance (basic pay is £16,000), as well as generous company benefits, including Staff Travel benefits from day 1 of joining us. You will receive an hourly payment when you’re flying and on duty.

How long is BA cabin crew training?

between 4 to 6 weeks
How long is my training? When you join British Airways as Cabin Crew, you will be enrolled on the Cabin Crew New Entrant Training. The course will be between 4 to 6 weeks and will include studying for your Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA).

How long does it take to become an air hostess UK?

You can become an air hostess by completing a cabin crew apprenticeship. This can last between a year and 18 months, and provides significant on-the-job training for aspiring cabin crew.

Do you have to live in London to work for British Airways?

No, you do not have to live in London if you work for British Airways. A lot of crew members commute, staying in the London area when your roster requires – for example when on Standby duties.

Can an Indian join British Airways?

All British Airways flights to and from India have at least two Indian crew members onboard who work along with the carrier’s London-based crew. The new recruits will undergo British Airways’ extensive flight safety and service training programme at the airline’s headquarters in London.

Is it difficult to become an airhostess?

1. The training may well be the toughest thing you have done. An Air Hostess is a responsible cabin crew member, and they are required to go through the robust training process before going on-board. There are so many things, which they are supposed to learn and prove themselves.

Can an air hostess have a tattoo?

An airline company will never hire cabin crew with visible tattoos. Furthermore, there are companies that completely prohibit the presence of tattoos, no matter what area of the body they are located in. Generally, the policy says that no cabin crew can have visible distinctive mark (tattoos, scars, birthmarks).

How do I become a cabin crew for British Airways?

Safety is our first priority across British Airways and in your training too. You’re required to obtain a Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) as part of your Cabin Crew New Entrant Training. You’ll undertake this attestation with one of our world class third-party partners.

How to become an air hostess in the UK?

There is however, an excellent air hostess course which you can take online which lowers the costs. Other courses require you to come to a training facility in the UK, which will give you one or more days training on-site. These are however the more expensive courses.

What are the benefits of air hostess courses?

Some courses will provide you with training which is similar to the air hostess training you would receive from an airline company. This gives you a benefit over those who didn’t had some air hostess training, which will likely make you stand out of the crowd.

What is cabin crew training like at BA?

In the training course, you go through Safety Emergency Procedures, you do Aviation Medicine, you learn the standards that must be met in uniform, attitude, etc. BA want a consistency across all of their cabin crews; they want everyone to be doing and achieving the same level of performance. It’s an intense four weeks.