How do I enable HG extension?

How do I enable HG extension?

The documentation of both extensions shows how to enable them : MQ, Hgk. The usual way to enable an extension is to add a line to your . hgrc (or Mercurial. ini on some Windows system).

What is HG repository?

Strictly speaking, the term repository refers to the directory named . hg (dot hg) in the repository root directory. An easy way to remember the distinction is that the repository contains the history of your project, while the working directory contains a snapshot of your project at a particular point in history.

How do you add HG?

Here’s how:

  1. cd into the project directory.
  2. run the command hg init This creates the . hg directory and the initial setup files used by hg.
  3. run the command hg add This adds all files that aren’t currently in the hg project file list to it’s file list.
  4. run the command hg commit This commits all changes to the project.

How do you use a HG strip?

We can use “hg strip” command to remove more than one commits in mercurial….Here’s an example:

  1. ~/foo$ hg st.
  2. A bar.
  3. ~/foo$ hg commit -m ‘Mistaken commit’
  4. ~/foo$ hg st.
  5. ~/foo$ hg rollback.
  6. rolling back to revision -1 (undo commit)
  7. ~/foo$ hg st.
  8. A bar.

Where can I find mercurial ini?

%HOME%\Mercurial. ini (per-user) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercurial (per-installation)

How do I update Tortoisehg?

1 Answer. Or in Workbench, right click on Tip and select Update. Or you can just right click, Update and select update to branchname / tip without worrying about the revision you are looking at.

What is Git hg?

This is the Hg-Git plugin for Mercurial, adding the ability to push to and pull from a Git server repository from Mercurial. The Big Idea. The Hg-Git plugin can convert commits/changesets losslessly from one system to another, so you can push via a Mercurial repository and another Mercurial client can pull it.

What is hg in Linux?

The hg command provides a command line interface to the Mercurial system.

What are hg files?

Description. Print files under Mercurial control in the working directory or specified revision for given files (excluding removed files). Files can be specified as filenames or filesets. If no files are given to match, this command prints the names of all files under Mercurial control.

What is hg strip?

hg strip removes the changeset and all its descendants from the repository. It will be as if the changes never existed. Be careful when using this on public changesets as it will not remove it from any other repository and you’ll get them back next time you pull.

What is the hgfold extension?

hgfold is a Mercurial extension that helps Windows users deal with filename case collisions on VFAT and NTFS. It adds options to the following Mercurial commands. Type hg help for more information:

What is the HG clone Hg share extension?

Commands share share a common history between several working directories Automatic Pooled Storage for Clones When this extension is active, hg clonecan be configured to automatically share/pool storage across multiple clones. This mode effectively converts hg cloneto hg clone+ hg share.

What does [Hg add] do?

hg add [OPTION]… [FILE]… Schedule files to be version controlled and added to the repository. The files will be added to the repository at the next commit. To undo an add before that, see hg forget.

How does the mercurial hgeolfile extension work?

The extension uses an optional [eol]section read from both the normal Mercurial configuration files and the .hgeolfile, with the latter overriding the former. You can use that section to control the overall behavior.