How do I find out if someone died in Connecticut?

How do I find out if someone died in Connecticut?

If what you need is a proof of someone’s death, you don’t even need to browse newspaper archives for obituaries. What you need is to contact the Connecticut State Department of Public Health, which keeps death records from 1897 to the present day. The Department also has death indexes from 1949 to the present.

Are birth records public in CT?

Connecticut birth records are not public information. Access to these records is restricted until 100 years after the birth occurred.

How do I find my birth records in CT?

Vital Records for Connecticut: Births, Marriages & Deaths Beginning in 1897, copies were sent to the State Department of Public Health, Vital Records Division. To obtain a copy of a current or 20th century birth, marriage, or death record, please contact the town or the Department of Public Health.

Where can I get a death certificate in CT?

The Connecticut State Department of Public Health – State Vital Records Office ( registers deaths occurring in Connecticut.

Does a deceased person have a right to privacy?

Once you die, your information is no longer protected under that law. HIPAA is just the opposite — the protection of a person’s privacy extends indefinitely, even after death. When someone dies, control over his or her estate passes either to a family member or another executor.

Where can I find free death records?

The most common place to find death records is through the health department for the state. In some cases, county clerk’s offices may also keep death records, especially those that date back to prior to the state health department’s collection.

How do you search for Death Records?

You’ll need to find the website for your particular state. Do a search in the search box at the top of for “Death Records” + the state where the deceased presided. For instance, if you are looking for the death record of someone who lived in Montana, search for “Montana death records.”.

How do you obtain a copy of a death certificate?

The way one obtains a certified copy of a death certificate is to go down to the county record’s department (office of vital statistics) in the county where the person passed away and order the death certificate. This is the same county office that issues marriage certificates as well.

Where can you find death certificate online?

To order copies of a death certificate, contact the county or state vital records office in the place where the death occurred. They will tell you exactly what you need to do. Locate a county vital records office. To find the local vital records office online, start with the county’s official website.