How do I format a macro variable in SAS?

How do I format a macro variable in SAS?

The format of macro variables can be changed with the INPUTN, INPUTC or PUTN, PUTC functions. To change a macro variable using a numeric informat use the INPUTN function. To change a macro variable using a character format, use the PUTC function.

How many ways can you create macro variables in SAS?

3 Easy Ways to Create a Macro Variable in SAS

  • In SAS, you create a macro variable with the %LET macro statement, the CALL SYMPUT routine, or the PROC SQL INTO clause.
  • The easiest way to create a macro variable in SAS is by using the %LET Macro Statement.

How many types of macros are there in SAS?

Macro variables

  • Global Macro variable. They are called global macro variables because they can accessed by any SAS program available in the SAS environment.
  • Example. Below is a example of the SAS variable called SYSDATE which represents the system date.
  • Local Macro variable.
  • Syntax.
  • Example.
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  • Example.

Where are macro variables stored in SAS?

symbol tables
Macro variables are stored in symbol tables, which list the macro variable name and its value. There is a global symbol table, which stores all global macro variables. Local macro variables are stored in a local symbol table that is created at the beginning of the execution of a macro.

How many procs are in SAS?

SAS supports four categories of procedures: 1) reporting, 2) statistical, 3) scoring, and 4) utility.

Do loop in SAS macro?

When a Macro PROGRAM executes, it is ONLY generating code based on the %DO loop (s) or %IF statement (s) in your MACRO program. the generated code is then sent to the compiler and, if free of compile errors, will be executed. By the time your code gets to the SAS compiler, there are no macro variable references or %DO loops or %IF logic.

What are macro variables?

Macro Variables. The D compiler defines a set of built-in macro variables that you can use when writing D programs or interpreter files. Macro variables are identifiers that are prefixed with a dollar sign ($) and are expanded once by the D compiler when processing your input file.

What is SAS macro program?

SAS Macros are typically considered as part of advance SAS Programming and are used widely in reporting, data manipulation and automation of SAS programs. They do not help to reduce the time of execution, but instead, they reduce repetition of similar steps in your program and enhance the readability of Programs.

What is SAS macro language?

Macro language. Macro language is a facility for generating SAS code programmatically. The macro language variables, functions, and statements are interpreted by the macro processor as a SAS program is being parsed at compile time.