How do I get my diploma after passing HiSET?

How do I get my diploma after passing HiSET?

To request your transcript or diploma, select the link or follow the instructions listed below for your state or territory. If you have additional questions, please review your state requirements page or contact HiSET ® Customer Service at 1-855-MyHiSET.

How many questions can you miss on the GED test?

Summary of how many answers you can miss in each section of the GED. Reasoning Through Language Arts: You can miss 31 multiple choice answers if you get 100% on the essay and you can miss 19 multiple choice answers if you get a 0 on the essay.

Is the GED math test multiple choice?

The GED math exam is 115 minutes long. There are approximately 49 questions (multiple choice, drop down, and other formats). The exam is broken down into two sections. You will also be provided with a math formula reference sheet, so you don’t need to memorize math formulas!

Can you use a calculator on the HiSET?

Are calculators allowed for the HiSET exam? Yes, but you can’t bring your own. Your test center will provide a calculator to you.

How many questions is the HiSET test?


What math do you need to know for GED?

To do well on the GED Math test, you need to have a general understanding of numbers, their relationships to one another, measurements, geometry, data analysis and statistics, probability, patterns, functions, and algebra.

What is a GED called now?

Test Assessing Secondary Completion

What is the passing score for GED?


Is calculator allowed in GED test?

On the GED Math test, you can use a hand-held calculator (the Texas Instruments TI-30 XS Multiview Scientific Calculator) on the second part of the math test or, as said earlier, use an on-screen provided calculator. You can also a calculator on parts of the GED Science and Social Studies subtests.

Do my GED test scores expire?

If you took the GED® subject tests of the latest edition (computer-based) of the test, your scores do not expire. If you passed two parts of the computer-based GED test, for example, Social Studies and Science, your passing scores for these two subjects are valid all the time.