How do I reset my Baxi Solo 2 boiler?

How do I reset my Baxi Solo 2 boiler?

Allow the boiler to cool if hot. Remove the lower door panel by following the instructions on the opposite page. Locate the red/brown reset button adjacent to the boiler thermostat knob. Press the button to reset the overheat thermostat.

What type of boiler is a Baxi Solo 2?

central heating boiler
The Baxi Solo 2 RS is a wall mounted gas fired room sealed natural draught central heating boiler with range rated outputs as shown in the table below. Each appliance is preset at its MAXIMUM heat input rating and is designed for use on NATURAL GAS only.

How do you reset a Baxi Solo boiler?

To reset the boiler, turn the temperature control knob fully anticlockwise. Hold until the red lockout light goes out, then turn the control knob back to the desired setting. If your timer is calling for heat, the burner light will come on to indicate the boiler has fired up and is heating your system.

Where is the pressure gauge on a Baxi Solo boiler?

When your boiler is not working, the pressure gauge should be set at about 1.5 bar. On the pressure gauge on the front of your boiler, the needle will be in the centre of the green triangle on the dial.

Why does my Baxi Boiler keep cutting out?

Often, there is no need to be too alarmed, as Baxi’s boilers are known to be prone to cutting out. It’s likely that the issue is down the combustion chamber seals, which regularly become loose over time and need replacing.

What pressure should my Baxi boiler be set at?

between 1.0 and 2.0 bar
The normal operating water pressure for your boiler and central heating system is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar. If the pressure drops below 1.0 bar, you need to repressurise it. If the pressure goes above 3.0 bar, you will see water coming from the pressure relief valve (usually on an outside wall).

What should the pressure be on a Baxi combi boiler?

The normal operating pressure for your Baxi boiler is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar. A reading of 1/0 to 1/5 bar is ideal and will ensure that your boiler and central heating are working at maximum efficiency. Should the pressure drop below 1.0 bar, then you’ll need to repressurise your boiler.

Why won’t my central heating come on?

If your boiler won’t turn on, the first thing you should do is check other appliances and power supplies in your home to see if they are working. If they are, check your fuse box to see if any switches have failed or tripped. If you still cannot find the cause, we recommend getting in touch with a trained engineer.