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How do I share my EndNote library?

How do I share my EndNote library?

How do I share my Library?

  1. Click File – Share or click the Share icon.
  2. Enter the email addresses of people you wish to share with.
  3. They will receive email invites to share your Library.
  4. All users sharing the Library will need to set up an EndNote online account.

How do you use EndNote step by step?

Inserting citations

  1. Open your Word document. Click into the text where you would like to place the citation.
  2. From the EndNote tab click Go to EndNote.
  3. Highlight the reference(s) that you wish to place in the document.
  4. Click on the Insert Citation toolbar button (keyboard shortcut : Alt-2 ).

How do I transfer my EndNote library from Windows to Mac?

EndNote X6 and later users:

  1. Open EndNote on the new computer.
  2. Go to the File menu and choose “New”. Name the new library and choose “Save”.
  3. Go to the Tools menu and choose “Sync”. Click ok (it may warn about merging, click ok on that message) and wait for it to finish the Sync to get the references on this computer.

Why is EndNote not syncing?

Open EndNote >click on Edit>Preferences>Sync. Disable all automatic syncing and then restart EndNote. Make sure the Trash is empty both in EndNote online as well as in EndNote X8 desktop. You will need to delete the groups as well, because when they sync with EndNote desktop, the groups will sync with the desktop.

How do I find my EndNote library?

EndNote’s default location to save a library is in your “My Documents” folder for Windows users and in your Applications folder for Mac users. (You can see the location EndNote saves on your computer by going to your “Edit” menu, choosing “preferences,” and “folder locations.”)

How do I sync EndNote?

To allow EndNote Desktop and Online to sync:

  1. In EndNote Desktop, go to Edit > Preferences (Windows), or EndNote X9 > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Select Sync.
  3. Click the Enable Sync button.
  4. Enter the email address and password for your EndNote Online account.
  5. Click the OK or Save button.

How do I install EndNote X9?

EndNote X9 for Windows Download & Installation

  1. Make sure Windows is completely updated and close any Microsoft Office programs that are open.
  2. Click here to download EndNote X9 for Windows.
  3. Login with your NID and password to initiate download.
  4. Locate the downloaded EndNote X9 zipped folder in your Downloads Folder.

Can I use EndNote offline?

On the other hand, the desktop version allows you to write in an offline environment and also allows you to edit an output style so that changes can be made globally to the output style and every reference or in-text citation in the document.

How do I export my EndNote library?

Sharing EndNote Libraries

  1. Go to your EndNote library and then go to File > Export…
  2. Select a location to the file and then, select: Save as type select Text File (. txt). Output style select EndNote Export.
  3. This file can be emailed as attachment or uploaded onto a Cloud-based storage system and shared.

How do I copy references from one EndNote library to another?

  1. To copy specific references from one library to another, simply select them in one library.
  2. Click on any part of the selection and use the mouse to drag the selection to another library.
  3. The selected references are copied to the library where they were “dropped.”

How do I get EndNote in Word for Mac?

EndNote 20 and earlier with Word 2016:

  1. Open a Word document.
  2. Go to “Tools > Templates and Add-Ins”.
  3. You should see the below EndNote files listed under “Global Templates and Add-ins” EndNote CWYW Word 2016.dotm. and. EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle. or.
  4. If any of these file(s) is unchecked, check it, and click OK.

Where can I find my EndNote product key?

EndNote: Locate your serial number or product key

  1. EndNote X1 and later (paper box)- the product key is on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve.
  2. EndNote X1 and later (plastic clamshell)- the sticker with the product key and serial number is on the case under the CD itself.

How do I get EndNote desktop?

Obtaining / Buying Desktop EndNote Once logged in to the portal select ‘Place a Request’ and ‘User Support’, then ‘Software – EndNote’. Note that if you leave the University you must remove EndNote from your own computer.

How do I share my EndNote x9 library?

Since sharing relies on sync services, you must first set up your EndNote account and fully sync your library before you can share. If you’ve already done this, then just go to File > Share and enter the email addresses of the people you want to collaborate with.

How do I use EndNote online?

Using Cite While You Write in Endnote Web

  1. Log on to EndNote Web.
  2. In your Word document, put your cursor where you want the the citation to be.
  3. Click the Endnote Web tab on the toolbar.
  4. Type a word to search your EndNote Web references.
  5. Choose the desired citation(s) and click on the Insert button.

Is EndNote free for Mac?

EndNote Online is offered for FREE by Penn State and is an online service that allows you to store, share and organize your citations so that you can access them from any computer. By installing the Microsoft Word plugin, you can cite references from your library and automatically create your bibliography as you write.

Can I transfer my EndNote library to another computer?

Go to the File menu and choose “New”. Name the new library and choose “Save”. For EndNote 20: Go to the Library menu and choose “Sync”. Click OK (it may warn about merging, click OK on that message) and wait for the sync to finish and you will end up with the references on the computer.

How do I sync EndNote with word?


  1. Word 2007: Click on the Office icon and select “Word Options.”
  2. Word Click on the File ribbon and select “Options.”
  3. Click on “Add-ins.”
  4. Change the “Manage” options to “Disabled Items.”
  5. Click Go.
  6. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”
  7. Click OK/Enable.
  8. Restart Word.

Is EndNote available for Mac?

EndNote loves both the Windows® and Macintosh® platforms. Here’s how to check if your current systems and programs are EndNote-ready.

How do I transfer EndNote library from Mac to Windows?


  1. Open the EndNote Library.
  2. From the “File” menu, select “Compressed Library (. enlx)” for PC and Mac.
  3. Name the EndNote Compressed Library.
  4. Create or Save the Library to create a zip file (filename. enlx).