How do you create a subinterface in Asa?

How do you create a subinterface in Asa?

To create subinterface on routed port, use vlan tag for which the traffic will be landed and sourced (to and from subinterface). On physical port the subinterface number must be defined. The rest configuration like nameif, security leevel and ip address still applies.

What is VLAN subinterface?

A dot1q VLAN subinterface is a virtual Cisco IOS interface that is associated with a VLAN ID on a routed physical interface. A parent interface is a physical port. Subinterfaces can be created only on Layer 3 physical interfaces.

How do I enable routing in Asa?

  1. Static Route Configuration:
  2. ASA(config)# route [interface name] [destination address] [netmask] [gateway]
  3. ! First configure a default static route towards the default gateway. ASA(config)# route outside
  4. ! Then configure an internal static route to reach network LAN2.

How many VLANs are available by default in ASA firewall?

Default Interface Configuration on the ASA 5505. These two VLANs are then applied to the physical interfaces such that interface Ethernet0/0 is mapped to VLAN 2, while Ethernet0/1 through 0/7 are mapped to VLAN 1 (inside).

What are two advantages of static routing over dynamic routing?

Static routing requires very little knowledge of the network for correct implementation. Static routing uses fewer router resources than dynamic routing. Static routing is relatively easy to configure for large networks. Static routing is more secure because it does not advertise over the network.

Is ASA 5506 a router?

The ASA used with this lab is a Cisco model 5506 with an 8-port integrated router, running OS version 9.8(1), Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) version 7.8(1), and comes with a Base license.

What is a subinterface on a router?

A subinterface is a virtual interface created by dividing one physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. A sub-interface in a Cisco Router uses the parent physical interface for sending and receiving data. A Subinterface can be configured just like a physical interface.

How do I add a static route to ASA firewall?

Configure Static Routes on Cisco ASA Firewall using ASDM Well, now let’s access the Cisco ASA using the ASDM application and navigate to Configuration > Device Setup > Routing > Static Routes and click on Add.

How do I assign an IP address to Asa?

Set a Static IP for your Cisco ASA5505 Firewall

  1. Open the ASDM and log into your device.
  2. Under Configuration, Interfaces, select the Outside interface and hit Edit.
  3. In the ‘IP Address’ box, click the radio for ‘Use Static IP’
  4. Select an IP address, and use ‘255.255.
  5. Hit ok, then apply.

How do I create a subinterface in Cisco ASA?

Cisco ASA: Subinterface config. Most ASA models use routed ports for subinterface creation. To create subinterface on routed port, use vlan tag for which the traffic will be landed and sourced (to and from subinterface). On physical port the subinterface number must be defined.

What types of routing does the ASA support?

For dynamic routing, the ASA supports RIPv2, EIGRP and OSPF. I recommend not to use dynamic routing though and stick with just static routes. The reason is that one of the purposes of a firewall is to hide your internal trusted network addressing and topology.

What are the advantages of the Cisco ASA firewall?

One of the advantages of the Cisco ASA firewallis that you can configure multiple virtual interfaces (subinterfaces) on the same physical interface, thus extending the number of security zones (firewall “legs”) on your network. Each subinterface must belong to a different Layer2 VLAN, with a separate Layer3 subnet.

Does the Cisco ASA Appliance Act as a router?

Although the Cisco ASA appliance does not act as a router in the network, it still has a routing table and it is essential to configure static or dynamic routing in order for the appliance to know where to send packets. When a packet arrives to a network interface on… Networks Training About My Books SUGGESTED TRAINING HOME Cisco Networking