How do you get on the housing list Hampshire?

How do you get on the housing list Hampshire?


  1. Register your details and your partner’s details (if you have a partner).
  2. Once you have registered you details you will need to complete an application by clicking on Apply for Social housing. You must answer the questions fully and add any children as additional household members.

What is homechoice queue position?

Once a bid is placed, you will be shown a queue position. This is an estimation of your current prioritisation, in regards to all other bids that have been placed. This number will change during the cycle in relation to all other bids subsequently placed.

Which local authority is Petersfield in?

East Hampshire
East Hampshire is a local government district in Hampshire, England. Its council is based in Petersfield.

What does Bid skipped mean?

All bids on a property are automatically put in priority order (based on band and effective date) on the property shortlist. If you have been overlooked (skipped) for a property, the landlord will have stated the reason for this, which you will be able to see when you log into your account.

What does Band D mean in housing?

D – Reasonable preference: families who are overcrowded. social tenants who are under occupying. where the local authority has declared the home to be below tolerable standard.

Why is Hampshire Hants?

Hampshire is often abbreviated in written form to Hants and which sometimes gives rise to puzzlement. The abbreviated form is derived from the Old English Hantum plus Scir (meaning a district governed from the settlement now known as Southampton) and the Anglo-Saxons called it Hamtunschire.

What is the East Hampshire district housing service?

The housing service deals with matters relating to housing options and homelessness in the East Hampshire District. There is a great demand for social housing in the district, and the law dictates that we must give priority housing to those with the greatest need.

How do I contact Hampshire county council housing support?

If you would like to discuss a Hampshire Home Choice Application please contact the Housing Support Officers on 01730 234358 or 01730 234277. You can see one of these officers during a drop in surgery Monday to Friday 9:30 – 12:30, at the council offices.

Where can I find help for homeless people in East Hampshire?

General public, including homeless people. East Hampshire District Council area – Alton, Petersfield, Horndean, Whitehill, Bordon. Drop-in or phone. Buses 94, 94A. Is this page accurate?

What is the management of Hampshire Homechoice Register?

Management of Hampshire Homechoice Register. Housing options advice and assistance for anyone with housing problems or who is homeless or threatened with homelessness. Assessment of entitlement to housing and homelessness prevention work. Who do we help? General public, including homeless people.