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How do you get skyscrapers in Simcity 4?

How do you get skyscrapers in Simcity 4?

Make sure your zones are high density. Build commercial areas away from industrial parts of the city. Keep in mind that the required population for skyscrapers is not solely based on your city’s population, but also on the population of the region as a whole. Add more civics and ensure crime is low.

How do I install maps on SimCity 4?

How to Install SimCity 4 Regions

  1. Download the region and extract the ZIP file if necessary.
  2. Locate the My Documents/SimCity/Regions folder on your computer and copy the unzipped region files you downloaded into the folder.
  3. Launch SimCity 4 and start your game.

How do you get God mode in SimCity 4?

SimCity 4 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC. To reenter God mode after you have created your City, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and click the “God Mode” button. The tools will not be the post-establishment tools, but will revert back to pre-city tools.

How do I get epic buildings in SimCity?

Starting Epic Projects Get approval for Epic Projects and build your Department of Epic Projects. Find it in the Government – Services menu. Look for bubbles with the winged golden helmet icon near your Specialization buildings. Tap it and then drag the required Simoleons to the buildings to start your Epic Projects.

How do you get big buildings in SimCity build it?

If you have a maxed out building and put some specialization, new upgrades will pop and you’ll get taller buildings.

How do you get big cities in Sims 4?

Highways, freeways, and avenues can provide better transportation for Sims, therefore generating more demand for offices and large companies, and thus getting tall buildings. Build commercial areas away from industrial parts of the city. Make sure your city is desirable enough. Make sure your zones are high density.

How do you get skyscrapers in cities?

If you have been building a city that has a big population, but no tall buildings, here are a few pointers on helping you get skyscrapers. Focus mainly on commercial districts. You will not get any commercial skyscrapers at all unless you have an office population of at least 5,000 workers.

What makes a good commercial area in Sims 4?

A good commercial area will be away from industrial parts of the city and have several plazas nearby, along with a high land value. Also be sure that the commute is okay. This means that there are residential areas nearby and it doesn’t take long for Sims to get from their homes to the business area.

How to get high end skyscrapers in the game?

Concentrate the Central Business District to one tile (at least at first), but allow neighbour tiles create demand for high end skyscrapers, without attempting to build them there. Highest commercial buildings are actually quite rare, in both game and RL, so you will need a high demand for them to appear. #1 Delta 1038 View ProfileView Posts