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How do you know when a chainsaw clutch is bad?

How do you know when a chainsaw clutch is bad?

Does the engine loose revs, or the engine keep revving and just the chain stops? If the engine is still running at normal revs, and the chain slows down, then it’s a problem with the clutch. Worn out, gummed up, jammed springs etc. If the engine looses revs under load then it’s more likely a fuel or carb problem.

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Craftsman 42cc chainsaw?

With the engine running turn the high speed needle clockwise until the engine runs rough. Turn the needle counter clockwise slowly until the engine runs smooth. Make this adjustment with both screws and the engine should run smoothly and at the highest fuel efficiency.

Who made old Craftsman chainsaws?

The Craftsman brand was started as a house brand by Sears in 1927. However, after Sears went through bankruptcy in 2017, the rights to the Craftsman name were sold to Stanley Black & Decker. They bought the brand for $900 million. Sears still retains a limited license to sell Craftsman products.

How do you replace fuel line on Craftsman chainsaw?

If the fuel lines are brittle due to age, it is best to replace the entire line system while you have the chain saw in pieces. Use the screwdriver to remove the main cover from the chainsaw. Unscrew and remove the air filter and the starter pull, which is blocking the primer bulb on most models.

How to repair a chainsaw?

Remove Old Chain. Wearing protective gloves,remove the old chain.

  • Sharpen Chain. If the chain needs to be sharpened,then use the chainsaw chain sharpener.
  • Remove Additional Chains/Adjust Links. Remove additional chains from the body housing with a screwdriver or rivet punch.
  • Replace Repaired Chain.
  • Who makes Craftsman chain saws?

    Craftsman chainsaws are made by Husqvarna. Even though the craftsman brand is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Black & Decker owns Husqvarna. So, a Craftsman chainsaw is a Husqvarna chainsaw.

    What is a chainsaw maintenance?

    Chainsaw maintenance. A chainsaw is not only a tool for woodworkers, it also comes in handy for homeowners that have a yard to look after. Chainsaws have a wide range of uses including; trimming tree branches, cutting wood for your fire pit, cutting back overgrown bushes and removing excess sapling.