How do you mix FOH?

How do you mix FOH?

The Seven Mixing Tips

  1. Add some top-end EQ on the kick drum to capture the slap of the beater.
  2. Wake up the drums.
  3. Add grit to the bass guitar to separate it from other instruments.
  4. Be aware of where the vocalist is holding the microphone and WHY.
  5. Keep vocals on top during the sound check.
  6. Approach mixing as a musician.

How do I setup my monitor mixer?

How to create a monitor mix

  1. Turn up the mixer’s Aux output level to 0(unison).
  2. While playing a sound through your mixer (microphones, instruments, or phone/computer playback). Turn that channel’s Aux send level to 0(unison).
  3. Turn up the stage monitor’s level to a comfortable volume.

What does a FOH sound engineer do?

The FOH (front of house) engineer, who works at a mixing board located in the audience, controls the sound heard by the audience through the venue’s main speakers.

What is FOH mix?

Front of house mixing The front of house (FOH) engineer focuses on mixing audio for the audience, and most often operates from the middle of the audience or at the last few rows of the audience.

How do you EQ stage monitors?

Here’s what he had to say: “One commonly accepted method for EQ’ing monitors is to “ring them out.” Here’s the procedure: Set the gains on all of the mics to be open in the monitors to the same relative level, and then turn the monitor system up until feedback occurs.

What is a FOH mixer?

What is the difference between a monitoring engineer and a FOH engineer?

A Monitor Engineer mixes the instruments and vocals on stage for each individual performer to hear. A FOH Engineer is only responsible for mixing one mix for all of the audience to listen to while a monitor engineer is responsible for many different mixes depending on what the performers need to hear.

What are FOH speakers?

The front of house speakers are the main speakers that cover the audience, and the front of house desk is the desk that generates the front of house audio mix. In stage lighting, any lighting fixtures that are on the audience side of the proscenium arch are referred to as being FOH.

Where do you Put Your workbox at the FOH?

The FOH workbox sits just behind me, right next to the “Morgan” caddy that holds my personal stuff (chair, rug, sun shields, music stand, mixing mascots, etc.). I ask for a space that is 12 feet wide by 10 feet deep located on center, 100 to 120 feet from the stage.

What makes a good analog mixing console?

Most analog mixing consoles will offer a built-in four band parametric EQ, which helps balance the tonal sound and carves out space for each instrument in the mix. It is rare to find analog consoles with built-in dynamics available on every channel.

Where is the FOH position at Kitaro?

At a theater in Dallas during the 1995/96 Kitaro tour, the designated FOH position was behind the last row of orchestra seating area and separated by a low wall. Due to a very low balcony overhang, I could only see the first few feet of the stage.

What is an analog mixer?

Analog mixers are the mainstay of any audio system, and range in price and features. There are some diehard analog enthusiasts who will not move to a digital mixing board, as they believe the analog components sound superior to digital.