How do you revise in a fun way?

How do you revise in a fun way?

7 Fun Ways to Revise

  1. Charade It. Get some friends studying for the same exam as you together and play charades.
  2. Get Arty. Bright colours and drawings can help you remember concepts visually.
  3. Get the LOLs. If you enjoy a good comedy show or a joke, this method is for you.
  4. Sing It.
  5. Play Board Games.
  6. Watch a Movie.
  7. Text It.
  8. Bonus Tip.

When should I stop studying for the day?

If you’ve been studying the same material for an hour, without a break, it’s time to stop studying (for now). After an hour of focusing on the same content, our brains begin to process and store less and less information.

Should you study when you are tired?

Tips to wake yourself up, work out when you feel most awake, recognise when you’re exhausted and get more done even with lots of breaks. Feeling tired doesn’t have to signal the end of productivity. You can still study when you’re tired and do great work.

What should you do during the revision step of writing your rhetorical essay?

Use several effective revision strategies to check your essay:

  • You would like to leave your essay aside before revising it.
  • Following the general structure, check every paragraph of your paper, starting from your thesis statement.
  • Search for the excellent examples of rhetorical writing online to compare.

What does it mean to revise writing rhetorically?

When you revise, you take a second look at your ideas. You might add, cut, move, or change information in order to make your ideas clearer, more accurate, more interesting, or more convincing.

How can I memorize revision better?

Force yourself to condense your revision notes down to key words. Use colours and images to help make the information meaningful and memorable. Stick up your mind maps around your home, and look at them throughout your revision and exam period. Layering Try the ‘layering’ technique for remembering complex information.

What is a revision strategy in writing?

A revision strategy is a systematic process of reviewing and evaluating your writing before you actually begin revising. You can use the Checklist for Personal Revision to guide your revision strategy or develop a checklist of your own that incorporates a revising schedule.

What are some revision techniques?

Read on for some revision tips that go beyond cue cards, highlighting and spider diagrams.

  • Start early.
  • Work out what type of learner you are.
  • More exam resources.
  • Create the optimum learning environment.
  • Be strict.
  • Practise, practise, practise.
  • And finally, some more unorthodox revision methods that might work for you: