How do you size a Datto?

How do you size a Datto?

At minimum, your Datto appliance should be 2-3 times the total protected space of the machines being protected, otherwise known as 2-3x Multiplier Rule.

What is Datto used for?

Datto Inc. is a backup, recovery and business continuity vendor that sells data protection products to businesses of all sizes. Datto offers a range of products through a variety of platforms, including hardware, software and virtual appliances and sells its products primarily through managed service providers (MSPs).

How often does a Datto device check in?

approximately every ten minutes
A device should check in with Datto’s servers approximately every ten minutes, and should always check in immediately after an initial boot or reboot.

Is Datto a NAS?

Our Datto SIRIS solutions include NAS Guard, so you can minimize client downtime with a highly effective NAS backup system. The Datto cloud is the purpose-built cloud for backup and recovery that includes Cloud Deletion Defense to ensure backups stored in the cloud cannot be maliciously or accidentally deleted.

When sizing a Datto device How much space do we recommend?

You will need about 30% free space on the backed-up hard drive to allow for optimal backups. The bare minimum is 20% (anything under 30% has the potential to throw errors during the backup process).

What is inverse chain?

In the event of an outage on a primary server, Inverse Chain Technology allows you to spin up virtual machines on the Datto device or in Datto’s cloud very quickly, dramatically reducing RTO. It also allows you to create backups as often as every five minutes for low RPO.

Is datto a MSP?

Datto delivers a single toolbox of easy to use products and services designed specifically for managed service providers and the businesses they serve. Datto’s industry-leading MSP tools are designed to optimize your business and expand the services you deliver to clients.

Who invented datto?

Austin McChordDatto, Inc. / Founder
In 2007, when Datto founder Austin McChord created a backup device in the basement of his parents’ home in Connecticut, he made a decision that would define reliable data protection for small-to- medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

What are Datto recovery points?

Deleting individual data snapshots Each backup your Datto device takes is a unique data snapshot, also called a recovery point. Each recovery point contains all the information necessary to restore all the data present at the time of the backup. You can choose to delete one, some, or all of an agent’s recovery points.

How do I remotely restart a Datto device?

1. Access the Datto device GUI. From the Configure drop-down, select Device Settings….Description

  1. Datto Drive.
  2. Local Access Control.
  3. Time Zone.
  4. Local Users.
  5. Device Alerts Email Address.
  6. Datto Relay Forced Login.
  7. Reboot Now.
  8. Schedule a Reboot.