How do you start a romance with Morrigan in Dragon Age Origins?

How do you start a romance with Morrigan in Dragon Age Origins?

Talk to Morrigan after achieving a approval rating of 51 or higher. She will say “‘Tis cold in my tent, all alone.” By completing Morrigan’s personal quest Morrigan will fall in love with you when your approval rating is between 91 and 100, otherwise she will simply adore you, even if her approval is 100.

When can you romance Morrigan in Dragon Age Origins?

Once you get close to maxing out Morrigan’s approval, she will confess her feelings and trigger a romantic scene in which the two of you sleep together. Once the scene ends, a relationship will be established and you have now romanced a Witch of the Wilds.

Does Morrigan really love the warden?

About Morrigan’s feelings for the Warden , well it seems yeah she really loved him. But it depends how the warden treat Morrigan. If it works out , first she’s mostly manipulative with a male warden. She tries to sleep with him because she has an agenda.

Can you romance Morrigan in Dai?

Morrigan will be a character in the game, BUT not one of the 12 available companions so she cannot be romanced either.

Can you marry Morrigan?

Morrigan can only be romanced by a male Warden. It is important to remember that Morrigan is very set in her ways. If pursuing a romance with her, it is advised that you agree with her philosophy of “survival of the fittest”.

Can you get married in Dragon Age Origins?

The Grey Warden and Anora won’t be married until after the game is completed. Therefore, your Grey Warden must survive the end of the game in order to actually marry Anora. This means that you must either accept Morrigan’s proposition prior to the final battle, or have Alistair fight the Arch demon at the end.

Can I marry Morrigan?

How do you get Morrigan to teach shapeshifting?


  1. Morrigan will teach this specialization if her approval of you is neutral; she is not willing to do so once her approval rises above 25.
  2. You can purchase a Shapeshifter Manual from Varathorn in the Dalish Camp at the Brecilian Outskirts for around 12 .

What happens if I let Morrigan drink from the well?

Who ever drink from the well will be bound to Mythra, AKA Flameth, so that might affect knowing Morrigan relationship with her mother. Also in the final battle if she Drink she will transform into a dragon in the final battle, if you do, you will have to fight one more dragon before to bind her to your will.

Is Morrigan in awakening?

The one way to get both endings is to hold on to the mirror until the post-epilogue save and gift it to Morrigan in the post-epilogue save. This will switch Morrigan back to love and you’ll get the right Awakening epilogue and this way you can still talk to Morrigan in Denerim to get the ring epilogue in Origins.

What is the max level in Dragon Age Origins?

In Dragon Age: Origins, the maximum level for player-controlled characters (the Warden and companions) is 25, which is reached at 186,000 experience points.

What kind of game is Dragon Age Origins?

Dragon Age: Origins is a role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is the first game in the Dragon Age franchise, and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in November 2009, and for Mac OS X in December 2009.

What is Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition?

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition is a software program developed by BioWare. It adds registry entry for the current user which will allow the program to automatically start each time it is rebooted. Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is designed to run continuously in the background.

Is Alistair in Dragon Age Origins Awakening?

Alistair ( Dragon Age) In addition to Origins, Alistair also appears in the game’s expansion pack Awakening (if placed as king during Origins ), the Darkspawn Chronicles DLC, Dragon Age II, and the Silent Grove comic series. Alistair has received positive reception, mainly for his sarcastic remarks and romance.