How does the nurse affect Romeo and Juliet?

How does the nurse affect Romeo and Juliet?

The Nurse’s key function within the play is to act as a go-between for Romeo and Juliet, and is the only other character besides Friar Laurence to know of their wedding. The Nurse, despite being a servant in the Capulet household, has a role equivalent to that of Juliet’s mother and regards Juliet as her own daughter.

What scene does the nurse talk to Romeo?

Summary: Act 2, scene 4 Juliet grows frantic, and eventually, the Nurse gives in and tells her that Romeo is waiting at Friar Lawrence’s cell to marry her.

Who does Lady Capulet reveal wants to marry Juliet?


What two instructions does Romeo give the nurse?

What instructions does Romeo tell the Nurse to pass on to Juliet? Tell Juliet to pretend she is going to confession, but really meet him at Friar Laurence’s cell to marry him. Who does the Nurse say also wants to marry Juliet?

What message does nurse take to Juliet?

The nurse finally informs Juliet about Romeo’s request after asking her whether she had leave to take communion that afternoon. Juliet replies in the affirmative and the nurse tells her to use communion as an excuse to go to church and meet Romeo at Friar Laurence’s cell where they would be married.

Did the nurse raise Juliet?

1.3: The Nurse makes it clear that she, not Lady Capulet, is the one who has really raised Juliet, as well as the one who knows her best. The Nurse starts her role as Romeo and Juliet’s go-between when she informs Romeo of Juliet’s identity and later learns Romeo’s name.

Why does the nurse changed her mind about Romeo?

However, after Lord Capulet’s outrage at Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris, the Nurse takes a different stance. It seems that she wants to protect Juliet. She loves Romeo too much to ever marry someone else. Therefore, the Nurse loses Juliet’s confidence, and Juliet seeks help from the Friar.

What does the nurse think of Juliet?

The Nurse feels compassion towards Juliet and is very fond of her. This is because she has taken care of her since she was very young. What historical event does the Nurse use as a landmark to help remember Juliet’s age? She uses the earthquake that occurred when Juliet’s parents were away.

Does nurse like Juliet?

The Nurse loves Juliet like a daughter. She has brought her up and breast-fed her when she was a child. Her own daughter, Susan, died and Juliet then became her source of attention and maternal care.

Why does Juliet no longer trust the nurse?

Why does Juliet no longer trust the nurse? Her nurse favors to be in Lord Capulet’s than Juliet. What is Juliet prepared to do to herself if she cannot find help with her situation? Juliet will commit suicide if she receives no help.

How does the nurse change throughout the play?

The nurse’s impact on the audience is that she knows Juliet a lot more than Juliet’s mother. In this scene the nurse is very close to Juliet and it shows this to the audience by the nurse knowing more than Lady Capulet. Lady Capulet is keen for Juliet to marry Paris but the nurse isn’t.