How fast is vstar 1100?

How fast is vstar 1100?

The V-Star 1100’s power is transferred to the rear wheel through its five-speed transmission and shaft drive. The overall package delivers a top speed of approximately 100 mph. Fuel delivery is provided by two Mikuni 37-mm carburetors with throttle position sensors and delivers approximately 44 mpg.

Are Yamaha V Star good bikes?

It has great power, very comfortable, and looks great. This bike is considered a mid-level cruiser but has all the power and comfort of a big cruiser. I would recommend this bike to anyone. For the money, my opinion is it is the best bike around.

Does slip on exhaust sound better?

Slip-Ons Are Just Add-On Parts Aftermarket slip-on exhausts have a much more distinguished sound and appeal than regular stock exhausts. Since there’s a lot of tame muffler systems that come in stock, the aftermarket for new exhausts is quite popular.

Do slip-ons add horsepower?

Slip-on mufflers won’t improve horsepower or performance. Slip-ons are mostly for decoration and noise enhancement. Installation on some bikes may require bodywork done by a professional at a shop.

Do you like your Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic Motorcycle?

Have you owned a Yamaha V STAR 1100 CLASSIC Motorcycle? Write a review Whether it’s your first bike or you’re an experienced rider, you will absolutely love this bike. It’s very smooth and sounds great! It gets lots of compliments. The only upgrades I did were the exhaust, air box, risers and saddlebags. Did you find this useful?

What kind of engine does a V Star 1100 have?

Long, low, stripped-down-to-the-bare beautiful essentials and powered by a modern SOHC V-twin, the V Star 1100 Custom goes as good as it looks (Custom). With a seat only 27.2 inches from the pavement, the Custom is long and low, perfect for a plush ride (Custom).

Where do you Ride Your 1100 V Star?

I just rode my aging 1100 V Star from New Brunswick to Ohio then down to West Virginia, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway back home. WOW what a fantastic ride! The Star did not miss a single beat and was loaded up to the hilt with gear.

What kind of fenders does a Chevy V Star 1100 have?

The 2009 V Star 1100 Custom features a lower 27.2-inches high seat and the overall length is also shorter (94.7 inches). Forget about the deeply valanced fenders and the 7-spoke cast wheels as the Custom model features stripped-down fenders and laced wheels.