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How is the IBEW aptitude test scored?

How is the IBEW aptitude test scored?

Scoring. The test is scored from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest possible score. Most apprenticeships require a qualifying score of at least a 4 to be considered for an interview.

Is the IBEW aptitude test all multiple choice?

The IBEW aptitude test has gone by many names. This pre-apprenticeship aptitude test sifts out candidates who are serious about pursuing a technical career as an electrical apprentice. The test is a computer based multiple choice test made up of two main sections: algebra and functions, and reading comprehension.

How long does it take to get accepted into IBEW?

How long does the application process take? It will take 2-3 months to navigate the application process: application, aptitude test, and interview. After your interview, we place you on the ranked list of eligible-to-hire applicants.

How hard is electrician math?

You can have a successful career as an electrician knowing nothing more than basic arithmetic and, maybe, very elementary algebra. Don’t be intimidated by the algebra, it’s not as difficult as it looks. The higher you go the more math you will need.

How long does it take to get your IBEW aptitude test results?

You will take a short break between the Algebra and Functions Test and the Reading Comprehension Test. Approximately two to four weeks after you take the test battery, your local JATC will receive the results. They will subsequently notify you concerning the disposition of your application.

What should I wear to the IBEW aptitude test?

Attire. Clean pants or jeans and a button-down shirt are appropriate.

How can I pass my aptitude test online?

How to Pass an Aptitude Test

  1. Practice the test daily. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Make sure you know the test format.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. Be sure that you practice tests specific to your niche, market or industry.
  5. Manage your time well.