How long does it take to get to Cocos Island from Costa Rica?

How long does it take to get to Cocos Island from Costa Rica?

about 36 hours
The trip takes about 36 hours.

Where is the best diving in Costa Rica?

Caño Island is probably the best diving destination in Costa Rica, second only to Cocos island. In fact, due to its beauty and its invaluable ecosystem, Caño Island is considered by many divers as “The Cocos Island in miniature”. The Isla del Caño Biological Reserve was founded in 1978.

Are there sharks at Cocos Island?

Considered to be the most beautiful island in the world by Jacques Cousteau, the island of Cocos in Costa Rica is a sight to behold. Located 350 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, lives a diversity of large pelagic species including sharks, rays, tunas, and dolphins.

Is there good scuba diving in Costa Rica?

Is Costa Rica good for beginning divers? Yes! Diving off the Southern Caribbean Coast is great for beginning divers because the coral reefs act as protective barriers. There is also a lot to explore for more advanced divers as there is a lot of unchartered water here.

How much does it cost to go to Isla del Coco?

Tourists pay up to $6,800 each to visit Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco National Park. Third in a series on Isla del Coco National Park. Read parts one and two here. ISLA DEL COCO, Puntarenas – Steven Almoa, from Berlin, Germany, says Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco National Park is the place he’s most wanted to visit.

Can you stay on Cocos Island Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s Cocos Island National Park is located 340 miles (550 km) off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Entry to the island is by permit only and there is no accommodations on the island except for the quarters of the dozen park rangers.

When can you dive on Cocos Island?

Best Time to Dive Cocos Island The dry season is Dec – May, which can bring silky sharks, dolphins and mobulas, calmer waters and smoother crossings. The rainy season is June – Nov; and crossings can be a little rough, there’s a lot of rain, but Hammerhead sharks are in larger numbers.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Costa Rica?

Most visitors pay between $3,000 and $7,000 per person for multi-day live aboard (tourists are not allowed on the uninhabited island) dive trips. The bat (Murcialago) islands on the northern Guanacaste and Caño island off the Osa peninsula are within 30 minutes of the coast in a motorboat and popular with divers.

Where is the Island of the Sharks?

Cocos Island
NOVA Online | Island of the Sharks. Costa Rica’s Cocos Island boasts more sharks per cubic yard of water than perhaps any other place on the planet, including whitetip reef sharks, 40-foot whale sharks, and hammerheads that school by the hundreds.

Can you stay on Cocos Island?

Do people live on Cocos Island Costa Rica?

The entirety of Cocos Island has been designated a Costa Rican National Park since 1978, and has no permanent inhabitants other than Costa Rican park rangers.

How long is boat ride to Cocos Island?

30 to 36 hours
The crossing to reach Cocos is through open sea, and depending on conditions, can take from 30 to 36 hours.

Is there good diving in Costa Rica?

Diving Costa Rica. The better diving is on the Pacific coast, particularly in the Northwest: Catalina Islands , Bat Islands and the Gulf of Papagayo . In the Southwest check out Cano Island. The best diving in Costa Rica, though, is arguably at the Cocos Islands, 300 miles off the mainland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the best scuba diving in Costa Rica?

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge | Southern Caribbean Coast. The Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is considered by many to be the best spot for snorkeling and diving on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Where to dive in Costa Rica?

The Bat Islands are part of the Santa Rosa National Park, just off the Playas del Coco in Northwestern Costa Rica. The dive site is best for experienced divers as strong currents and deep water drop-offs exist in the dive locations.

Is there scuba diving in Costa Rica?

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica. While Costa Rica is not regarded as the best destination for scuba diving, there are excellent places to dive if you visit the right locations. Sites such as Cocos Islands, Cano Island and Gandoca Manzanillo could even be considered world class.