How many beds does Marshall Medical Center have?

How many beds does Marshall Medical Center have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Marshall Medical Center 1100 Marshall Way Placerville, CA 95667
Total Staffed Beds: 111
Total Patient Revenue: $1,249,576,779
Total Discharges: 4,737
Total Patient Days: 19,323

Who owns Marshall Hospital?

The Marshall Hospital Corporation was founded in 1956 and continues to operate as a nonprofit, public benefit corporation.

How many beds does Marshall Medical Center South have?

111 patient beds
Marshall Medical Center typically provides 111 patient beds, but is preparing to expand an additional 45 surge beds to provide in patient care, if necessary. PLACERVILLE, Calif.

How many employees does Marshall Medical Center have?

1500 employees
Marshall has over 190 affiliated physicians and a team of over 1500 employees providing quality healthcare services to more than 180,000 residents of El Dorado County. Marshall has a local board of directors who volunteer their time to represent the needs and interests of a growing community.

How many beds does Marshall Hospital Placerville have?

Marshall Hospital has 111 licensed beds and operates several primary and specialty care clinics, including laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers. Marshall Medical Center proudly serves the Western slope of El Dorado County.

What is Marshall Medical Center North?

Marshall Medical Center North in Guntersville, AL is a general medical and surgical facility.

What is the new patient portal at Marshall medical centers?

Effective December 2, 2021, a new Patient Portal called “My CareCorner” is being launched at Marshall Medical Centers. It replaces “Thrive Patient Portal.” For portal users who signed up and established a user name and password prior to December 2, 2021, please click here to login as you normally do.

What does Marshall medical north mean to you?

That’s exactly what Marshall Medical North is to the residents of Marshall County and surrounding areas. It means highly-skilled doctors who also are your neighbors and friends. It means caring and compassionate nurses you run into in the grocery store and at church.

How many medical specialties does Marshall medical offer?

We provide 26 medical specialties and we stay abreast of the latest technology, so you can be sure Marshall Medical is your right choice for local healthcare. To contact us, please fill out the form below and click “submit”.