How many cargo planes does China have?

How many cargo planes does China have?

86 cargo aircraft
Currently has a fleet of 86 cargo aircraft, of which 21 are B747-400F all-cargo aircraft. By using a combination of all-cargo aircraft and the bellies of passenger aircraft, China Airlines offers service to 97 destinations in 27 countries around the world.

What is China’s main airline?

Air China Limited
Air China Limited (Chinese: 中国国际航空公司) is the flag carrier of the People’s Republic of China and one of the “Big Three” mainland Chinese airlines (alongside China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines). Air China’s headquarters are in Shunyi District, Beijing.

What Airlines have cargo?

Type of cargo airlines

Rank Airline 2018
1 FedEx Express 17,499
2 UPS Airlines 12,695
3 Qatar Airways Cargo 12,713
4 Emirates SkyCargo 12,459

What airline code is 112?

China Cargo Airlines Ltd.
China Cargo Airlines

Legal Name China Cargo Airlines Ltd.
Airline Code 112
IATA Designator CK
Region China & North Asia

How many planes does the Chinese Air Force have?

2,800 aircraft
China’s air force and navy now field roughly 2,800 aircraft, about 2,250 of them combat aircraft. That gives China the largest aviation force in the region and the third largest in the world. The build up of that force means China is “rapidly catching up to Western air forces,” the Pentagon says.

Does China have tanker aircraft?

China currently has roughly 30 aircraft — older Soviet-designed Il-78s and HU-6 variants of the H-6 — for refueling. According to Chinese state media, the Y-20 tanker can carry about 90 tons of fuel, similar to the capacity of the Il-78 but greater than that of the HU-6, which carries less than 30 tons of fuel.

What is the largest airline in China?

China Southern Airlines
By passengers carried (millions)

Rank Country Airline / holding
1 China China Southern Airlines
2 China China Eastern Airlines
3 China Air China
4 India IndiGo

What are some Chinese airlines?


Airline Chinese name IATA
Air China 中国国际航空 CA
China Eastern Airlines 中国东方航空 MU
China Southern Airlines 中国南方航空 CZ
Hainan Airlines 海南航空 HU

What is the most used cargo plane?

The most widely used aircraft in this active freighter fleet are the Boeing 757-200F, of which there are 291 in operation, 267 Boeing 767-300Fs, 181 Boeing 777Fs, and 171 Boeing 747-400 freighter variants.

Which airline code is AK?

Alaska Airlines

Legal Name Alaska Airlines, Inc .
Airline Code 027
IATA Designator AS
Region The Americas