How many questions are on the analyzing and interpreting literature CLEP?

How many questions are on the analyzing and interpreting literature CLEP?


How soon do you get CLEP results?

Getting Your Scores It takes 2–3 weeks to deliver a score report for this exam. You can also view your scores online by logging into the CLEP My Account portal with the same account you used to register for the exam.

How much does Clep cost?

Select from the list of 34 CLEP exams below. Each exam costs $89. Additional administrative fees may be charged by the test center.

Are CLEP exams easier than AP?

CLEP vs AP Test Difficulty: Which is Harder? According to May 2019 pass rate data, students may have found AP exams more difficult. CLEP exams had a 68% pass rate while AP exams had a 65% pass rate. However, there were many more AP examinees than CLEP test takers.

Which CLEP tests are the easiest?

The easiest CLEP exam for one person is potentially the most difficult for another. For example, College Composition Modular and Analyzing & Interpreting Literature both have reputations for being among the easiest CLEP exams, but non-native English speakers might find them difficult.

Is Clep multiple-choice?

CLEP exams contain multiple-choice questions. CLEP exams take about 90–120 minutes to complete, depending on the exam subject.

How much does it cost to send CLEP scores?

Sending CLEP Scores and Requesting Transcripts. Scores can be sent to one institution for free during registration, or you can request an official CLEP transcript after exam day for a $20 fee.

What does CLEP out mean?

College Level Examination Program

How are CLEP exams scored?

CLEP uses “rights only” scoring, which means that the exams are scored without a penalty for incorrect guessing. Instead, it is converted into a scaled score by a process that adjusts for the level of question difficulty on the different forms of the test. The scaled scores are reported on a scale of 20 to 80.

Can you take CLEP exams online at home?

CLEP exams are only given via an Internet-based testing (iBT) platform. These exams can be taken at close to 2,000 different universities and colleges that serve as testing centers. You can do a search on the College Board’s CLEP website to see where the nearest testing center is.

How many questions are on a CLEP?

120 questions