How much are the Rausing family worth?

How much are the Rausing family worth?

In the Forbes world fortune ranking, Rausing was placed at number 83 with an estimated fortune of US$10 billion in 2011. According to Forbes, he was the second richest Swedish billionaire in 2013. By the time of his death in August 2019, Forbes estimated the net worth of Rausing and his family to be $12 billion.

What happened Hans Rausing?

DRINKS carton tycoon Hans Rausing left his only son out of his £1.2million will, the Daily Express can reveal today. The Tetra Pak figurehead, who died aged 93 last year, split most of his British assets between his wife Marit and daughters Lisbet and Sigrid.

Where does Hans Kristian Rausing live?

On 16 October 1992, the couple married. In common with other members of the Rausing family, they settled in London (and Barbados), and donated millions of pounds to charities, in particular those concerned with drug awareness and addiction prevention.

How much is Kirsten Rausing worth?

13 billion USD (2022)
Kirsten Rausing/Net worth

What is Tetra Pak worth?

Once her father took over the 50% stake in the Tetra Pak from his brother Hans Rausing in 1995, Gad’s immediate family became sole remaining owners of the company….Kirsten Rausing Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5.1 Billion
Gender: Female

Who is Magnus Rausing?

Magnus Rausing (investor – Angel Investor) Magnus Rausing is the son of Jörn Rausing, who is the grand son of the founder of Tetra Laval Group, Ruben Andersson (later Rausing). Magnus Rausing invests via MAHR Projects, based in London, UK and via Untitled.

Where do the Rausing family live?

The Rausing family are a wealthy Swedish family, best known for the Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing. Several members of the family now live in the United Kingdom.

Where does Jorn Rausing live?

Personal life. Rausing lives in Surrey, England.