How much damage does Euclid C Finder do?

How much damage does Euclid C Finder do?

Euclid’s C-Finder

Attack statistics
Dmg/Attack 0 (0) + 150 (178.5) Explosion
DPS 30.4 (36.2)
DPS (reload) 20.6 (24.6)
Crit Dmg 0 x50

How do I fix the Euclid’s C Finder glitch?

To fix, save the game with the gun drawn and firing and then quit the game completely back to the desktop/reset console. Restart, reload, and wait for the firing animation to complete. Ensuring to save far enough away from the target to not be hit, but close enough that the animation is still visible and playing.

Where does Max sleep in Fallout New Vegas?

roof of the building
Max is found sleeping on the roof of the building next to Mick & Ralph’s after it gets dark.

What happens if you send power to Archimedes 2?

ARCHIMEDES II: This solution diverts power to the next-generation space laser system mentioned in the terminal notes and will give the player character the option of calling down space-laser strikes once every twenty four hours (Patch Update), provided the player character has also obtained Euclid’s C-Finder.

What is HELIOS One based on?

Nevada Solar One
HELIOS One is located in the same geographical area as the real world Nevada Solar One, southwest of Boulder City, Nevada along Highway 95. The facility bears a strong resemblance to the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility located along Interstate 15 near Primm, Nevada.

Can you activate Archimedes II?

Characteristics. Before Archimedes II can be utilized, it must be activated by choosing to divert the power of HELIOS One to it at the end of the That Lucky Old Sun quest. Additionally, 24 hours are required to charge the solar arrays to full power.

Where is Fremont New Vegas?

Fremont Street is a pre-War roadway in Nevada’s Mojave Desert.