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How much did Ted Turner pay for Jim Crockett Promotions?

How much did Ted Turner pay for Jim Crockett Promotions?

In November 1988, Turner Broadcasting System purchased a majority interest in JCP for $9 million. The Crockett family retained a minority interest, with Crockett, Jr. becoming a consultant.

When did JCP become WCW?

The title was established under WCW on March 18, 2001, but was retired eight days later after the WCW’s purchase by the WWF.

When did Crockett buy UWF?

Universal Wrestling Federation (Bill Watts)

Acronym UWF
Style American wrestling
Headquarters Bixby, Oklahoma
Founder(s) Bill Watts (UWF) Leroy McGuirk (NWA Tri-State)
Owner(s) Leroy McGuirk (1950s–1979) Bill Watts (1979–1987) Jim Crockett, Jr. (1987)

How much did Ted Turner pay for NWA?

Swallowed up by expansion and cash problems, by November 1988, on the brink of bankruptcy, Crockett sold the promotion — which had operated under his family name since 1931— to media mogul Ted Turner for $9 million, resulting in the eventual rebranding and creation of World Championship Wrestling.

Is Jim Crockett still living?

Deceased (1944–2021)
Jim Crockett Jr./Living or Deceased

How did Herb Abrams get his money?

Abrams was married in 1989, and his father died that same year at the age of 64. Abrams founded the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) in 1990, receiving $1 million from SportsChannel America to produce the weekly television program UWF Fury Hour.

Does WWE own UWF?

As reported by the Miami Herald, WWE acquired the rights to the Mid-South/UWF library in 2012 via Bill Watts’ ex-wife Ene. It was a deal years in the making, one that many of today’s fans might not fully appreciate. Watts renamed it the UWF in 1986 as he attempted to make the promotion a national power.