How much do WPFL players make?

How much do WPFL players make?

Players in the Fan Controlled Football league make a weekly minimum of $400 to $750, plus room and board. That comes out to around $1,600 to $3,000 per month off of salary. Since this is a six-week league, that means players will earn around $2,400 to $4,500 for their salary throughout the season.

How much do FCF players get paid?

Players are paid weekly minimum of $400 to $750 plus room and board, while coaches get paid $3,500 per month with housing and meal plan.

How much does it cost to play in the WFA?

Membership in the WFA costs teams between $1,000 to $2,000 per season, and that membership includes liability insurance, balls, game film so that teams can study and improve their play, and travel stipends for the playoffs and national championship. It’s on the teams themselves to cover all regular-season travel.

Do the Boston Renegades get paid?

“This team” is one that demands excellence and commitment above all else. It has to. On average, players for the Renegades pay $750 a season to play, though that number fluctuates from year to year.

Do Pittsburgh Passion players get paid?

Unlike their male counterparts, female pro-football players aren’t paid seven-figure salaries. It can actually cost thousands of dollars a year to play, from uniforms to travel to insurance to rental fees for fields. Some players have sponsors to cover their costs, and ticket prices help defray some expenses.

How much did manziel pay FCF?

According to celebrity net worth, Johnny Manziel has a net worth of $6 million. He currently has an annual salary of $2 million. Johnny Manziel played for the Fan Controlled Football league, and he made roughly $400 to $750. Manziel made around $1,600 to $3,000 a month from the FCF.

What do Wfla players make?

How much is the average NFL player paid? According to, a site that tracks NFL contracts, 34 NFL players currently make $20 million a season in average annual salary. To top it all, the highest paid player in the league right now makes a $45 million ‘per season’ in average annual salary.

Who owns Boston Renegades?

Molly Goodwin
The Boston Renegades are currently owned by former player Molly Goodwin, and operated in partnership with local business professional Michelle McDonough. Our management team is boosted by the expertise of former NFL players and coaches, skilled medical professionals, and a small army of dedicated volunteers.

How old is Allison Cahill?

In a distinguished career that has seen the 32-year-old Cahill win two national football titles (the Independent Women’s Football League championship in 2010, and the Women’s Football Alliance title in 2011), she has built a remarkable sporting legacy for female football in Boston.

How much is Santia Deck contract?

Santia Deck became the highest-paid professional female football player when she signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Fames of the WFLA in December 2019.