How much does a-kasse cost?

How much does a-kasse cost?

Many a-kasse organisations also offer advice, courses, personal guidance with a coach, etc. The fee for a Danish a-kasse varies, but is usually around DKK 400-550 /month, which is deductable.

How do I choose a-kasse?

If you want a specialized a-kasse, you therefore need to look for one within your profession. Otherwise you can choose a “tværfaglig” or “free” a-kasse, where everyone can become a member. Finally, you need to pick an a-kasse which preform well in terms of member satisfaction.

Which is the best a-kasse in Denmark?

My A-kasse
My A-kasse was voted Denmark’s best A-kasse 3 years in a row. One of the cheapest unemployment funds, where the contribution is low and the service is top-notch. As a member of My A-Kasse, you are guaranteed an income if you lose your job.

How much is unemployment benefit in Denmark?

Receiving unemployment benefits – amount You can receive a maximum of DKK 19.332 (2021) / 19.351 (2022) per month as full-time insured and DKK 12.881 (2021) / 12.901 (2022) per month as part-time insured.

When can I get A-kasse?

one year
Conditions for entitlement You must have been member of an unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) for at least one year. You can take work with one day’s notice. This requires that there are no factual or legal obstacles for you to legally take work.

How much is A-kasse per month?

Membership fees per month are from DKK 451 (for the cheapest) to DKK 524 (for the most expensive). It is important to know that you get exactly the same rights to unemployment benefits if you choose the cheapest A-kasse, as you do when choosing the more expensive.

Which union should I join Denmark?

However if you just want to be sure to get legal and professional help, then Yellow Unions can be a good choice. A membership with a Yellow Union has become very popular, and “KRIFA” is the winner in our test “Most value for money” among all the 22 A-kasser/Unions.

How much is a Kasse per month?

Is Ida a union?

IDA is a modern professional trade union that works hard to give you the best conditions on the Danish labour market and to support you throughout your entire career.

Which country is better Germany or Denmark?

Despite its small size, Denmark is a very expensive country to visit. If you’re short on time but not money, then Denmark is the better option. Germany is quite large, but more affordable, so if you have plenty of time and less money, then Germany is probably the way to go.