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How much does a show steer cost?

How much does a show steer cost?

What does a show steer cost?

Season Fall 2010 Spring 2012
Steers Counted 650 1,201
Average Price $3,039 $3,138
95th $7,862 $8,500

How do you start showing steers?

First you need to look at your facilities. Make sure you have a barn or shed that will work for how many cattle you want to show. Adequate waters that can be heated for winter months. You will need a place to tie your calf in the barn, one ring up high for tying their head up and one lower to tie when they lay down.

What is the best show steer feed?

Corn and oats are the most widely used in show diets. Oats is normally too expensive to be included in standard diets except for creep diets and starting cattle on feed. However, oats can be a useful supplement to corn for show cattle-type diets. Many rations will contain molasses.

How much does a cow cost in Florida?


Weight Range
300-400 $158 $178
400-500 $144 $160
500-600 $128 $143
600-700 $122 $134

How much does a 4h steer sell for?

The price of a beef animal will vary depending on the quality of the animal and the reputation of the farm. It is common to see calves range from $800 to even a few thousand dollars per calf.

How do you train cattle for showing?

8 Essential Show Cattle Tips

  1. Know Your Animal. Not all cattle are the same.
  2. Earn the Animal’s Trust.
  3. Have a Consistent Feeding Routine.
  4. Consult a Veterinarian.
  5. Properly Time Old Hair Removal.
  6. Hoof Trimming.
  7. Walk Into a Staggered Position.
  8. Keep the Animal Calm During Exhibition.

How do you get fat on a show steer?

May: If your animal is too skinny, feed Honor® Show Finishing Touch® feed. It works quickly to help put fat and condition on cattle. This feed also makes it simple – the high-fat ration you need is all in the bag.