How much is a mark McGwire 1987 Topps card worth?

How much is a mark McGwire 1987 Topps card worth?

Mark McGwire #366 1987 Topps

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-12-31 Mark McGwire PSA 9 Mint 1987 Topps Baseball Rookie Card RC #366 A’s #366 $21.99
2021-12-29 1987 Topps #366 Mark McGwire PSA 9 MINT ATHLETICS $7.72
2021-12-28 1987 Topps Mark McGwire Rookie Card #366. PSA 9 Mint. Oakland Athletics RC #366 $12.99

What is the error on Barry Bonds 1987 Topps card?

Bonds’ card is #163 in the OD set. The error? Early print runs had a picture of fellow Pirate Johnny Ray — Bonds doesn’t even appear on his own card. The error was corrected, and later printings have Bonds depicted.

What is the most expensive mark McGwire card?

2020 Topps Project Mark McGwire 1987 by Efdot #17.

  • 2017 Topps Diamond Icon Mark McGwire Red Ink Signature – Gold #MMC.
  • 1997 Finest Mark McGwire Embossed Refractor #155.
  • 1995 Finest Mark McGwire Refractor #169.
  • 1999 Topps Tek Gold Mark McGwire #7A.
  • 1985 Chong Modesto A’s Mark McGwire Incorrect Spelling.
  • How much is a 1987 mark McGwire rookie card?

    Mark McGwire Rookie Cards

    Item Title ▼ Price
    Mark McGWIRE RC Baseball ROOKIE CARD A’s Rated CARDINAL $0.99
    Mark McGWIRE RC Baseball ROOKIE CARD A’s Rated CARDINAL $0.99
    Mark McGWIRE ROOKIE CARD 1987 Fleer Update A’s MLB RC $4.25

    How much is a complete set of Topps 1987 cards worth?

    Topps 1987 Complete Set Values Complete sets of the 1987 Topps Baseball Tiffany cards are currently selling for over $1,000 on eBay. These are factory-sealed sets with the original sticker and are in great condition.

    How much is my mark McGwire card worth?

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    Item Quantity Price
    1988 Fleer #633 Pat Tabler/Mark McGwire 145 $5.00
    1990 Upper Deck #36 Mark McGwire TC 188 $1.25
    1991 Upper Deck #174 Mark McGwire 265 $3.75
    1991 Donruss #105 Mark McGwire 208 $1.50

    Is Mark McGwire’s 1987 Topps card the best in the set?

    Whatever your opinion may be, McGwire’s 1987 Topps card has always been one of the most sought after in the set. Like his teammate, Canseco, McGwire was also known for his enormous hitting power very early on in his career.

    How many 1987 Topps baseball cards are worth money?

    Without further adieu, then, here are the 25 most valuable 1987 Topps baseball cards — in reverse order, and with a couple of bonus runs tagged on for good measure … 35 cards in all! (Note: The following sections contain affiliate links to current eBay and Amazon listings for the cards being discussed.)

    What happened to the 1987 Topps Traded set?

    By and large, though, the 1987 Topps Traded set just wasn’t all that exciting, leaving us to hope that someone would break out down the road and add some fire to the thing. And, wouldn’t you know it?? Pitcher B (see above) burned the whole place down.

    What are some of the best players from the 1987 Topps?

    Larkin was incredibly productive and perhaps more importantly, consistent. He was effective with both the bat and his glove on his way to earning 12 All-Star team selections over his career. And his rookie card is one of the keys to the 1987 Topps set as a result. . . Nolan Ryan is pretty much one of every set’s biggest names in which he appeared.