How old are the girls from the Baby-Sitters Club?

How old are the girls from the Baby-Sitters Club?

The story setup is still the same: 13-year-old tomboy Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace) decides to start a baby-sitters club with her friends, quiet Mary Anne Spier (Malia Baker), artsy Claudia Kishi (Momona Tanada), and fashionable new girl Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph).

Is Rose Julie’s mom?

While the show never confirms that Rose and Julie’s mother are the same person, if Netflix orders season 2 of the show, Julie And The Phantoms might finally reveal her identity. In Episode 6 when Julie opens that case, there’s a ticket that says “Rose and the Petal Pushers.” Her mom is definately Rose.

What happened to Mary Anne’s mom in the Babysitters Club?

Alma died of leukemia when Mary Anne was a baby shortly after she was diagnosed.

Do they really sing in Julie and the Phantoms?

Because the stars behind Julie and the Phantoms are more than just actors singing songs onscreen — they’re actually a real band. The new Netflix series, based on the Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas, stars Madison Reyes as 15-year-old Julie, a talented singer who lost her passion for music after her mother died.

How many Babysitters Club books are there by Raina Telgemeier?

7 Books

Who is Madison Reyes dating in real life?

But we all are wondering, are they dating in real life? Well according to source PopBuzz, Reyes and Gillespie are both single. Reyes is 16-years-old and Gillespie is 22-years-old. Even though we were expecting a real-life Juketionship, there isn’t going to be one anytime soon or ever for that matter.

Where does Shay Rudolph live now?

She’s From San Diego Shay was born and raised in San Diego and she loves her city. When she’s home in San Diego she loves enjoying local restaurants and says her favorite is Plant Power.

Do dawn and Mary Ann’s parents get married?

Also in book #4, Mary Anne and Dawn decide to bring their parents back together. And now, in book #30, they finally get married!

How old is Luke from Julie and the Phantoms?

There’s a bit of an age gap between the actress that plays Julie and the actor that plays Luke. Madison Reyes is just 16-years-old.

Is Luke in love with Julie?

They never admitted their feelings for each other in the first season, but both Charlie Gillespie and Madison Reyes know that Julie and Luke totally like each other.

How many baby-sitters books are there?

How many Baby-Sitters Club books did Martin write? Between 1986 and 2000, Scholastic published 213 Baby-Sitters Club books. There were 131 novels in the core series, as well as 15 Super Specials, three-dozen mysteries, and dozens of other books featuring the characters Marin created.

Where was the Babysitters Club filmed 2020?


Does Stacey from Babysitters Club actually have diabetes?

Stacey McGill, A Girl’s First Friend with Diabetes. If you are a woman diagnosed with diabetes between the late-80s and mid-90s, she was probably one of the first diabetics you met, too. The thing is, she’s not a real person. Stacey is actually a fictional character in the beloved book series, The Baby-Sitters Club.

Is Stoneybrook Connecticut a real place?

Stoneybrook is a fictional suburban town in the state of Connecticut. It is the hometown of many of the characters in both The Baby-Sitters Club series and the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series as well. The town is near Stamford, Connecticut.

Does Julie Kiss Luke?

Madison Reyes says Julie and Luke won’t kiss in Julie and the Phantoms season 2. Kenny Ortega also said that he doesn’t think they need to physicalise Julie and Luke’s relationship in the show. When asked by Entertainment Tonight, if Julie and Luke will kiss in season 2, Madison said: “No. I don’t really think so.

Will there be a season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms?

Although season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms dropped in September 2020, Netflix has yet to officially renew the series for a second season but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rule out Julie and the Phantoms season 2 just yet.