How old is Carson Kressley now?

How old is Carson Kressley now?

Carson Lee Kressley was born on 11 November 1969 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. Growing up, he was very interested in horses and owned his first pony (named Sparky) when he was five years old. Carson still loves horses and is now a world champion equestrian. In 1987, he graduated high school and went on to study at Gettysburg…

Why choose Carson RC models?

The RC models offer a number of cutting-edge features: Carson has a wide range of RC models for all levels of experience from beginner to professional. With such as extensive range of models, there is something for everyone. For beginners, there is the Carson RC SPORT range, which is suitable for young and older users with no prior experience.

What is in the Carson Range?

The Carson range includes much more than just cars. Aviation fans can choose from a selection of aeroplanes, helicopters and drones. For fans of water vehicles, there is a diverse range of coast guard boats and yachts. The RC models are available in all conventional scales and have received a number of awards.

Where are the Carson remote-controlled cars made?

An important factor in Carson ’s success: some of its remote-controlled vehicles are developed in Germany. Other development locations include Italy, England and other European countries. Hong Kong is also an important base for Carson.

Did Carson Kressley win a World Championship?

Carson Kressley won a world championship in sports in early 1999. Carson is the son of Willard Kressley and Barbara Kressley who revealed Carson’s sexuality in 2003. Carson Kressley hosted Carson Nation which was aired on Oprah’s Network. Carson has a younger sister named Diana Kressley.

Who is Carson Kressley on true beauty?

He was a host on the ABC series True Beauty, along with Vanessa Minnillo and Beth Stern. In 2011, Kressley began a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network titled Carson Nation. In November 2006, Kressley competed on a celebrity edition of Jeopardy against Regis Philbin and Nancy Grace.

Did Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia date?

Carson Kressley is openly gay. And, people doubt if Kressley and Queer Eye co-star Thom Filicia dated, especially when the pair flaunted great chemistry on the show. Unluckily for fans of the duo, it seems like the answer is no. Tom Filicia reported to Bravo TV that the two have sibling-esque relationships.