How old is Villarreal football club?

How old is Villarreal football club?

Founded in 1942, the club spent much of its history in the lower divisions of Spanish football and made their La Liga debut only in 1998. In the 21st century, Villarreal gained some league stability, and the club made its first appearance in the UEFA Champions League in 2005.

What does Villarreal CF mean?

Villarreal CF was founded as Club Deportivo Villarreal on 10 March 1923 “to promote all sports especially Football.” The stadium was rented for 60 pesetas a month and ticket prices were set at half a peseta for men and a quarter of a peseta for children.

Why did Villarreal get relegated?

Because of a difficult season, Villarreal were relegated to the Segunda División for the 1999–2000 season, but by finishing third, they were then promoted back to the Primera División. Arsenal FC vs Villarreal CF UEFA Champions League 2008–09 quarter-finals.

What is Villarreal’s biggest win at home in La Liga?

Villarreal’s biggest league win at home was by a five-goal margin, achieved on four occasions. The club recorded 5–0 home victories against Salamanca (1998–99 La Liga), Celta Vigo (2002–03 and 2016–17 La Liga), and Tenerife (2009–10 La Liga).

When did Villarreal play their first ever game against Castellón?

On 17 June 1923, Castellón, a modern rival of the club, played the first match against a club named after Miguel de Cervantes. On 21 October of that year, Villarreal played their first game ever, playing against Castellón.

Why did Villarreal not qualify for the Europa League?

Despite finishing outside of a European qualifying spot in the domestic league, Villarreal was given a place in the qualifying round of the 2010–11 Europa League after UEFA determined that Mallorca ‘s financial irregularities precluded them from taking part in the tournament.