Tips and Tricks

How to perform a written assignment

Perhaps one of the problems that students face most often is the execution of a written assignment. In basic educational institutions, insufficient attention is paid to this issue, so students of secondary and higher educational institutions have difficulties in performing the written assignment. It is at school that schoolchildren should be informed that the text has a clear structure. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the clear structure of the text is often the reason for the wrong execution of the written assignment.

Types of written assignment for beginners

Students who have just entered higher education institutions do not yet have enough knowledge to write a written assignment qualitatively. Of course, they can apply for its implementation to the online assignment writing service, but it is better to try to develop their own skills in this matter. If a student will write only a few sentences a day, after some time it will be possible to see the progress in the written assignment.

Below there are a few types of writing assignments that will suit even novice students:

  1. One paragraph. The essence of this written assignment is that the student wrote several sentences or in other words one paragraph, on a given topic. In this case, the theme is something simple and clear to the student: music, books or movies. Performing the task of writing even such a small text, the student works on the formation of skills to perform written assignment.
  2. E-mail message. It is very interesting from the point of view of modernity way to improve the skills of completing a written assignment because today almost every student has an e-mail. This method consists in the fact that the student receives a question from his teacher by e-mail, to which he must give a written answer, also a kind of written assignment.
  3. Short autobiography. The student receives a task to make a written autobiography. The teacher can show him already someone written autobiography as an example or ask to do it on his own.
  4. A photograph. As a task for the student is the choice of any photo or picture and a detailed written description of what it depicts and what emotions it causes in the student.

These simple assignments will help novice students to develop the skills to perform written tasks easily and without overloading. This is due to the fact that all these assignments are practically taken from the daily life of almost every person, it will give confidence to students in its performance.

Tips for writing assignments

Before proceeding with the written assignment, carefully and thoroughly review the following tips to perform it correctly and without errors:

  1. Don’t try to say it all at once. Written assignments are given to students in order to determine the level of language and written skills, not the intellectual level. So choose one or two statements and write about it, analyze and reveal the idea.
  2. Do not choose a too complicated and confusing topic for writing a written assignment, make it easier for yourself to choose a simple topic, and it will be easier for you to write about it and demonstrate your skills from a more profitable side.
  3. If you feel that the selected topic is difficult for you and you can not disclose it in full volume in view of the lack of your vocabulary of the necessary terms and formulations, then give examples or use quotes that will help to reveal the topic of the written assignment.
  4. Try not to write much. Firstly, in the text of the larger volume it is more likely to allow a greater number of errors, secondly, the more you write, the more chance to deviate from the chosen topic.
  5. Undoubtedly, every person clearly understands his strengths and weaknesses. Guided by this, during the execution of the written assignment, pay special attention to those words in the writing of which you are not sure, or exclude these words altogether, replacing it with synonyms.
  6. Start writing each subsequent paragraph only after you have read the previous one. Watch the integrity and coherence of the entire text. When you have finished execution all writing assignment, read it entirely, consider everything carefully, ask yourself the question, have you reached the goals with the written assignment.