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How will you live John?

How will you live John?

Day by Day…” – Rambo II. It’s from the end of the movie when John Rambo walks off from Colonel Trautman after the POW rescue mission. It’s similar to the way everyone probably felt last week during the shutdown and debt ceiling talks.

Who appeared in the most movies ever?

Here is a list of actors who’ve been in the most movies.

  1. Christopher Lee (+280 acting credits)
  2. Robert Loggia (+225 acting credits)
  3. James Earl Jones (+188 acting credits)
  4. Louis Gossett Jr.
  5. Donald Sutherland (+176 acting credits)
  6. Michael Caine (+161 acting credits)
  7. Danny Glover (+161 acting credits)
  8. Samuel L.

What does Rambo say he hunts with a knife?

– Apropos scum of the earth! Just a smartass and drifter. Booked for vagrancy, resisting arrest and concealing a weapon. He says he hunts with it.

Who is the first actor to play a double role?

Answer. Explanation: Lanka Dahan (1917) – First actor to play two roles in the same film. Dadasaheb Phalke cast Anna Salunke, the actor who played Rani Taramati in Raja Harishchandra, in a double role in Lanka Dahan.

What did Rambo say?

John Rambo: They drew first blood, not me. John Rambo: Don’t Push it. Don’t push it, or I’ll give you war you won’t believe. Let it go.

Is Rambo 5 the last one?

Nearly 40 years after the first film, we have Rambo: Last Blood. With a title like that, it seems clear that the movie is setting itself up to be the last ride for John Rambo. However, while this certainly could be the last Rambo movie, it by no means is the finale the title might imply.

How many does John Wick kill?

91 deaths

What actor has played the most roles?

Here’s the full list:

  • John Carradine (351)
  • Mickey Rooney (335)
  • Danny Trejo (317)
  • Fred Willard (291)
  • Sir Christopher Lee (265)
  • Stephen Tobolowsky (251)
  • Michael Ironside (247)
  • Robert Loggia (228)

What does Rambo say at the end of first blood?

Rambo : Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off!

How did Rambo die?

In a climactic ending in the town where his conflict with Teasle began, Rambo is finally hunted down by Special Forces Colonel Sam Trautman and Teasle. Rambo dies satisfied that he has come to a fitting end. Trautman returns to the dying Teasle and tells him that he has killed Rambo with his shotgun.

Is Rambo a bad guy?

Type of Villain John James Rambo is the main protagonist of the 1972 novel First Blood and its 1982 film adaptation. While he was portrayed as a more heroic character in the film, the novel portrays him as a ruthless, psychotic murderer and unlike the movie counterpart, this version of Rambo slaughters innocent people.

Did Rambo die in the book?

Rambo dies, satisfied that he has come to a fitting end. Trautman returns to the dying Teasle and tells him that he managed to finish off Rambo with a shotgun. Teasle relaxes, experiences a moment of affection for Rambo, and then dies.

What kill count has the most kills?


Episode Released Kills
The Belko Experiment (2016) KILL COUNT 19th March 2018 84
The Purge: Election Year (2016) KILL COUNT 30th June 2018 116
The First Purge (2018) KILL COUNT 8th March 2019 133
Final Destination (2000) KILL COUNT 2nd August 2019 292

How many kills does Rambo have?

552 kills

Who has the most on-screen deaths?

Buzzbingo, with the help of IMDb and Cinemorgue, tallied the on-screen mortality rate of the world’s top actors and have determined that 75-year-old actor Danny Trejo has the most on-screen deaths of anyone in Hollywood history.

How old is Rambo now?

74 years (July 6, 1946)

How do actors play two roles?

Originally Answered: How do filmmakers film scenes where an actor plays two characters at once? The entire movie is shot with the lead character playing only one role. Later, the other role is played in a green screen area and both are added digitally added together.

What actor has the highest kill count?

In addition to Jackson and Yu, the top five deadliest actors are Lung Ti at 1,516, Shintarô Katsu at 1,410, and David Chiang at 1,375. The singular honor of most on-camera kills by one character goes to Tomisaburo Wakayama’s character Ogami Itto in 1974’s Lone Wolf Cub: White Heaven in Hell and comes in at 150.

What actor has been in the most sequels?

Christopher Lee as Dracula – 10 TIMES Between 1958 and 1976, the legendary Lee appeared as the Count in series of movies, the quality of which can only be described as “varied”.

Does Rambo kill anyone?

RAMBO DOESN’T ACTUALLY KILL ANYONE IN THE FIRST MOVIE. The one character who does die is Deputy Galt, who tracks Rambo through the mountains in a helicopter. Like the book, Rambo himself was to die at the end of the movie at the hands of Colonel Trautman.

What was Colonel Trautman callsign?

Baker Team

What do you want John Rambo?

That’s what I want. John Rambo: I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over here and spilled his guts and gave everything he had, wants! For our country to love us as much as we love it! That’s what I want!

Which actor has died on-screen the most?

Danny Trejo

What knife is in Rambo last blood?

Answer: Dietmar Pohl designed the two knives used in Rambo 5: Last Blood, called the MK-9 and MK-8.

What boots did Rambo wear?

Rambo III boots. The Rambo III boots (Adidas Rambo III) were the boots worn by John Rambo in Rambo III.