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Is 360i a good company?

Is 360i a good company?

Very good – smart, helpful team, encouraging management, good benefits. My experience at 360i has shown it is an agency with mature, caring people. The SEO team is highly talented, with some very smart people to learn from and give you honest feedback.

What holding company is 360i?

Dentsu Holdings USA
The U.S. arm of Japan’s biggest ad-agency network, Dentsu Holdings USA, has acquired New York-based Innovation Interactive, which owns digital agency 360i, search firm Search Ignite and analytics and targeting practice Net Mining.

Who is the owner of 360i?

Dentsu International
Dentsu Innovation Interactive LLC
360i/Parent organizations

What does 360i do?

We Help Brands Capitalize on Change 360i is a fully integrated creative and media agency that helps brands tap into shifts in culture, behavior, technology, data, and business to gain a competitive advantage. We’re built for progressive marketers hungry for ideas that make human and business sense.

Is 360i a public company?

360i is a New York City-based digital agency founded in 1998. It is a business unit of Dentsu….360i.

Type of site Subsidiary
Industry Marketing & advertising
Services Marketing
Employees 1000+
Parent Dentsu International

Is Iprospect a good company?

Great atmosphere, exciting clients, lots of opportunities to learn. Pay is considerably lower than industry average.

Who owns Icrossing?

Hearst Corporation
iCrossing/Parent organizations

Who owns Dentsu?

Dentsu Inc.
Dentsu International/Parent organizations

Aegis Group On September 2020 Dentsu Group Inc. announced that its international business Dentsu Aegis Network will operate under the dentsu brand. This simplification has seen three lines of business established across media, CRM and creative.

Is iCrossing part of Hearst?

Hearst is quietly folding digital marketing agency iCrossing into the rest of its magazine operation. Hearst, publisher of titles like Cosmopolitan and Esquire, is folding digital ad agency iCrossing into its magazine division.

Who owns iCrossing?