Is 81002 Included in office visit?

Is 81002 Included in office visit?

CPT codes 81002 and 81003 (Urinalysis by dip stick or tablet reagent) should not be paid on same claim or same vendor, member, date of service as an office visit charge.

What does CPT code 81002 mean?

CPT® Code 81002 in section: Urinalysis, by dip stick or tablet reagent for bilirubin, glucose, hemoglobin, ketones, leukocytes, nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity, urobilinogen, any number of these constituents.

Does Medicare pay for CPT code 81002?

CPT codes 81002 and 81003 will not be separately reimbursed unless Modifier 25 is appended to the E/M service indicating that a diagnostic, non-screening, urinalysis was performed.

Does CPT 81002 need a modifier?

Exception: Because it is the simplest urine dipstick (manual, without microscopy), 81002 is one of the original CLIAwaived tests and does not require modifier QW.

Is 81002 a CLIA waived test?

Certain codes describe only CLIA-waived tests and therefore are exempt from the requirement to add the QW modifier. The CPT codes for the tests currently exempt from the requirement are 81002, 81025, 82270, 82272, 82962, 83026, 84830, 85013, and 85651.

What diagnosis will cover a urinalysis?

Healthcare providers often use urinalysis to screen for or monitor certain common health conditions, such as liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes, and to diagnose urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Does 81002 require a CLIA number?

QW is Key to CLIA Waived Test Codes The modifier QW CLIA waived test must be appended to all but a handful of CPT codes to be recognized as a waived test. Codes not requiring the QW are 81002, 82270, 82272, 82962, 83026, 84830, 85013, and 85651 .

What can a urinalysis tell you?

A urinalysis is a test of your urine. It’s used to detect and manage a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes. A urinalysis involves checking the appearance, concentration and content of urine.

Does Aetna pay for urinalysis?

Aetna has changed its coding policies regarding pulse oximetry (CPT 94760, 94761, 94762) and urinalysis (CPT 81002, 81003) to allow payment when billed with an E&M code appended with a -25 modifier and reprocessed claims with these codes with dates of service back to May 1, 2006.