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Is a GTX 1660 better than a GTX 780?

Is a GTX 1660 better than a GTX 780?

Better texture detail. NVIDIA’s GTX 1660 follows hot on the heels of last month’s release of the GTX 1660 Ti. As the name would suggest, the 1660 is a slightly scaled back version of the 1660 Ti….Best User Rated.

Intel Core i5-12600K $295 Nvidia RTX 3060-Ti $400 Crucial MX500 250GB $49

How many CUDA cores does a GTX 780 Ti have?

The GeForce GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card from EVGA is an advanced graphics card with a GeForce GTX 780 Ti GPU working with 3 GB of GDDR5 RAM….EVGA GTX 780 Ti Specs.

GPU GeForce GTX 780 Ti
CUDA Cores 2880
Core Speed 876 MHz
Boost Speed 928 MHz
Memory 3072 MB

How much VRAM does a GTX 780 Ti have?

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Review

GTX 780 Ti GTX Titan
Boost Clock 928Mhz 876Mhz
Memory Clock 7GHz GDDR5 6GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 384-bit 384-bit

How much VRAM does 780 Ti have?

NVIDIA has paired 3,072 MB GDDR5 memory with the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, which are connected using a 384-bit memory interface. The GPU is operating at a frequency of 875 MHz, which can be boosted up to 928 MHz, memory is running at 1753 MHz (7 Gbps effective).

When was the GTX 780 Ti released?

February 19, 2013
GeForce 700 series

GTX 780 Ti Founders Edition, the flagship card of the GeForce 700 series of 2013.
Release date February 19, 2013
Codename GK110 GK208
Architecture Fermi Kepler Maxwell

How good is the GTX 780 Ti in real world performance?

The range of scores (95th – 5th percentile) for the Nvidia GTX 780-Ti is just 12.5%. This is a relatively narrow range which indicates that the Nvidia GTX 780-Ti performs reasonably consistently under varying real world conditions. ROU-User, 13 hrs ago.

Are there any scaling problems with dual SLI?

We can see that there are scaling problems in the three was sli. If we take an average result of a singe GTX 780 Ti to be 5200 then the Dual SLI is approximately 87- 90% Efficient, which is an acceptable rate i might add. The Tiple SLI on the other hand is only 79-82% Efficient and this with a 4960X and SSD!

What is a SLI certified motherboard?

An SLI certified motherboard is an nForce motherboard with more than two PCIe x16 slots or a certified P55, P67, Z68, X58, Z77, Z87 or a X79 motherboard. Please check with the motherboard manufacturer whether or not it is SLI compatible.

What do I need for a good SLI setup?

You’ll need that quality power supply, you’ll need that proper SLI supporting motherboard, a processor and then you’ll need a chassis with some very decent airflow to keep the graphics cards nicely chilled down. The tests have been performed on a X79 / Core i7 3960X processor (six-cores) all overclocked to 4.6 GHz.