Is Alec Yoder a Mennonite?

Is Alec Yoder a Mennonite?

Yoder is a Christian.

Did Alec Yoder win an Olympic medal?

Former Ohio State gymnast Alec Yoder finished sixth in the pommel horse finals at the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday. Yoder’s score was 14.566. Max Whitlock of Great Britain won gold with a score of 15.583.

How tall is Alex Yoder?

5′ 8″
Alec Yoder/Height

How tall is Yul moldauer?

5′ 3″
Yul Moldauer/Height

Did Alec Yoder make the Olympic team?

Alec Yoder was going for gold. As it turned out, his usual score would have secured bronze. The Indianapolis gymnast finished sixth in pommel horse Sunday night at the Tokyo Olympics. He had made the U.S. team as a specialist, and this was his only event.

How old is Yul moldauer?

25 years (August 26, 1996)
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How tall is Carlos YULO?

4′ 11″
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