Is Caro light harmful?

Is Caro light harmful?

Caro Light and six other skin lightening products that had been banned from the Kenyan market have been seized in Nakuru. The mentioned compounds are prohibited for use in cosmetics,” the Kenya Bureau of Standards said on Friday.

Is Caro Light good for my face?

It will quickly and effectivelylighten and brighten your skin to the complexion you desire to achieve. You can also use this oil to get rid of hyper-pigmentation caused by acne, stretch marks, sunburn, age spots, scars.

Is Carotone good for skin?

Benefits of Carotone Cream: The benefits of Carotone Dark Spot Corrector Cream are as follows: It provides deeply cleaned, tingly-smooth skin. Also, it protects in the areas of importance. Make sure you apply it daily after washing your skin thoroughly.

Is it safe to use Caro white cream?

Various Caro white and Carotone branded products pose a risk to your health and should not be used.

Is Caro White bad?

Caro White is extremely lightening. Unfortunately, however, hydroquinone poisoning has been a widespread side effect. Due to this ingredient, carotene, the caro white cream is damaging, however, at 2% of its maximum amount permitted in cosmetics.

How fast does Caro light lighten skin?

Last year IOL reported that a woman was selling a skin lightening cream called Caro Light in South Africa, which apparently, transforms people’s skin colour in just two weeks.

Does Carotone bleach your skin?

No product will permanently lighten skin.

How long does Caro light take to work?

What does Caro White do to the body?

It helps lighten and brighten your skin. You can also use this to get rid of hyper-pigmentation caused by acne, stretch marks, sunburn, age spots, scars and more.

How long does it take for Caro White to work?

It’s affordable. I saw results in 3 days. My bf said I have a glow within one week. It works fast compared to other products.

What are the disadvantages of Caro White Lightening beauty cream?

What are the Disadvantages of Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream? 1 There is no official website for the brand 2 No money back guarantee is provided 3 Hydroquinone is a controversial ingredient 4 The formula may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin More

What is Caro white cream used for?

Caro White cream is a formula rich in B- carotene and vitamin A and E in order to make your skin light, manageable, and satin-smooth. Have a Question?

How do you use Caro light?

Caro Light. For the gradual fading of dark (brownish) areas in the skin such as freckles, age and liver spots Apply a small amount as a thin layer on the affected area twice daily, or use as directed by a doctor If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away WATER, CETOSTEARYL ALCOHOL, GLYCERIN, TROLAMINE,…

What are the ingredients in Caro White Lightening beauty cream?

Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective? 1 Hydroquinone 2 Stearic acid 3 B-Carotene 4 Vitamin A 5 Vitamin E 6 Carrot oil 7 Cetearyl Alcohol