Is Cozi really free?

Is Cozi really free?

The free version of Cozi offers a shared calendar, lists, and recipes the whole family can access and update. Cozi Gold is the ad-free version of Cozi which also includes premium features and VIP customer support.

How much does Cozi app cost?

Cozi’s basic version is free and still includes some pretty awesome stuff (like the meal planner, grocery and to-do lists and journal). The gold version, which costs just about $2.50 per month, kicks it up a notch with the birthday reminders, calendar search and shared contacts… among other things.

Does Cozi have a meal planner?

Enjoy end-to-end dinner planning with the Cozi Recipe Box and Meal Planner! Save your recipes in one place, discover new favorites, add ingredients to your grocery list with just one touch, and schedule meals to your shared family calendar.

How do I set a schedule on Cozi?

From a desktop browser:

  1. Go to my.cozi.com and sign in to your account.
  2. Click Settings, and then click Calendar.
  3. On the Calendar page, click Schedules and Internet calendars.
  4. On the Schedules and Internet calendars page, click Internet calendar.
  5. Paste the URL into the text box in the Calendar URL field.

How many people use Cozi?

20 million
It’s free and accessible in real time from any mobile device or computer. Named a “must-have app” for a better life by the TODAY Show, Cozi helps families all over the world and now has over 20 million registered members.

What is Cozi used for?

With Cozi, you can: Keep appointments and activities all in one place. Track school events and the virtual class schedule. Manage a shared grocery list.

Is Cozi a safe app?

Cozi is strongly committed to the privacy of all its users. We understand you value your family’s privacy and we do, too. We want you to always be confident that your Cozi experience is safe and secure.

How much does Cozi Gold Cost?

Cozi also offers an optional ad-free premium subscription called Cozi Gold which gives you additional features like Birthday Tracker, more reminders, mobile month view, change notifications and more. Cozi Gold is $29.99 USD per year. Price may vary by location.

How do you use Cozi?

Many families like using Cozi on the web to add long lists, recipes, or lots of new events at a time. To use Cozi on the web, sign in at my.cozi.com, check the Remember Me box, and set a bookmark from the Cozi home page. Your account will open automatically when you enter my.cozi.com in your browser going forward.

How do you use a Cozi family Organizer?

To add family members, click Settings, then click General Information About Your Household. Once you enter every family member’s name and email address in your household information, they will be able to access the account by signing in with their own email address and the shared password.

Can Cozi send text reminders?

Appointment reminders can be delivered by device notifications to iOS or Android devices, and/or via email. To receive Cozi reminders by device notifications, a person must have the Cozi app downloaded, be signed in using their own included email address, and authorize device notifications from Cozi.

Is Cozi the new job for your family calendar?

The family calendar has a new job this school year. Trust Cozi to manage it all. With Cozi, you can: You’ll wonder how you managed family life before Cozi. Sign up – Cozi is free!

How does cocozi work with appointments?

Cozi identifies the date and time of the appointment and puts it in the right place in the family calendar. If you don’t specify a name, the appointment applies to All, and will show up on each member’s schedule.

How can I receive a weekly agenda e-mail from Cozi?

You can arrange to receive a weekly agenda e-mail from Cozi to remind you of your upcoming appointments for the week. The weekly agenda e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address every Sunday. To set up weekly agenda e-mails for you and your family members, please go to this page.

How much does Cozi cost?

Sign up – Cozi is free! Get started today – it’s free! The family calendar has a new job this school year. Trust Cozi to manage it all. With Cozi, you can: