Is Feraud a good brand?

Is Feraud a good brand?

The USP of Gianni Feraud is extremely great quality of fabrics for their suiting and outerwear. Fantastic cuts and detailing, such as printed linings, contrast stitching or best quality faux fur on their outerwear.

Who is Gianni Feraud?

A history of Gianni Feraud By 1985 Cecil had built one of the largest suede and leather manufacturing businesses in the UK, a leader in the industry. Never willing to stand still, the business expanded from suede and leather to outerwear, casual wear and formal garments in luxury fabrics.

Who owns Feraud?

In September 1999 the Dutch group Secon acquired Féraud.

Who owns Gianni Feraud?

Mr Ellis explains that Feraud Ltd is the parent company of Gianni Feraud Ltd, which it owns 100%. Since January 2008, the parent company has been owned jointly by Mr Ellis and his three brothers.