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Is Irelia still good after Nerf?

Is Irelia still good after Nerf?

Irelia’s base health and magic resist are being slashed, but she’s gaining extra health per level to compensate. Her passive will now also give less stats early, but have higher scaling with bonus attack damage to make her useful past her two-item power spike.

Did Irelia get nerfed?

League of Legends 11.17 Patch Preview: Akshan and Irelia Nerfed Again. Riot Games developers have recently revealed the League of Legends Patch 11.17 Preview, and Akshan and Irelia are getting nerfed again. Certain item adjustments are also expected in the upcoming update.

Is Irelia strong late game?

1 Answer. The thing with Irelia is she doesn’t really have an early, mid, or late game unfortunately. The good thing about Irelia is she is incredibly versatile in how you can build her. A lot of complaints revolve around how many times she has been Nerfed, when she probably just needs a complete overhaul.

Is the Irelia rework a buff or nerf?

Irelia. Coming off of a recent rework, Irelia is receiving a major damage nerf to her kit. She’s been one of the most sought out top laners in the game since they increased her damage at the cost of her mobility.

Is Irelia good in team fights?

Irelia is a an ad bruiser/ diver, at least most of the times, you can pick Irelia in any team composition actually, Irelia can easily splitpush and reliably team fight,adapt to each scenario, with the right build and playstyle.

Is Irelia weak late game?

What patch is LoL on now?

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Current Patch: League of Legends
12.2 LoL Patch Notes

How long is LoL patch?

To download the launcher it should take you around–5min with a 100mbps connection. Once this is done LoL will patch up. This could take up to 30min-1hour again depending on your connection.