Is it a bad idea to major in a foreign language?

Is it a bad idea to major in a foreign language?

You should only be majoring in a foreign language if you’re absolutely passionate about it. The reason passion is so important is that learning a foreign language is really hard work and takes years of practice to become fluent. Majoring in a language is also a smart idea if you plan to use the language in your career.

What can you do with a bachelors in foreign language?

Related Occupations for Foreign Language Majors

Air Traffic Assistant Intelligence Specialist
Foreign Exchange Trader Teacher
Foreign Service Officer Tour Organizer
Foreign Service Peacekeeping Translator
Foreign Service Specialist Travel Agent

Is foreign language a waste of time?

Learning languages by speaking it, writing it, understanding and using it – that’s, certainly, not a waste of time. In fact, this is one of the most useful and practical way to spend your time.

Are language minors useful?

Long story short, a language minor is a good idea mainly if you only want to get a more thorough insight into the “world” of a language solely for the sake of educating yourself. In this case you might even get away with not speaking the language well enough (or at all) when taking up the minor.

Will language learning become obsolete?

Originally Answered: Will foreign language learning become obsolete? No, it won’t. In addition to the reasons that Benjamin mentions in his answer to this question: – Multiple languages are going to continue to exist indefinitely.

Why shouldn’t students learn a foreign language?

To summarize, foreign language classes should not be a requirement. Students rarely achieve proficiency even after several years of study, and the benefits of learning a foreign language in the US are limited. If taking a foreign language was not required, students would be able to pursue classes they want.

Is a languages degree useless?

Plus, as has already been pointed out, most people don’t realise that a languages degree is basically a literature, history and politics degree in one! I don’t agree they’re considered “useless” though – my language skills have always been positively received by employers when applying for internships and graduate schemes.

What is a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language?

A bachelor’s degree in a foreign language is a 4-year undergraduate program that provides students with a fundamental grounding in the mechanics, literature, culture, and history of a language. A GED or high school diploma is required to apply.

Where can I get a degree in foreign language online?

An Associate of Arts degree in Foreign Language with a specialization in Business & Economics is available online from Georgia State University. The program is… The online Master of Science in Translation degree encompasses the skills needed to prepare students to become effective professional translators. This includes skills in communication,…

What is the most useless degree in the world?

The Top 10 Most Useless Degrees (And Why) 1 Advertising. 2 Music. 3 Computer Science. 4 Creative Writing. 5 Philosophy. 6 Communication. 7 Education. 8 Languages. 9 Criminal Justice. 10 Entrepreneurship.