Is Marshalltown a good brand?

Is Marshalltown a good brand?

To its customers and others in the industry, the company is known for the best tools and it is known by one name—MARSHALLTOWN. A long ways from the small machine shop the Williams brothers began in 1890, MARSHALLTOWN is now one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world.

Is Marshalltown Made in USA?

The Marshalltown Company, based in Marshalltown, Iowa, is a privately held American manufacturer of construction tools and equipment used for archaeology, asphalt, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, masonry, painting, plastering, stucco, tile and wallpaper.

What are Marshalltown trowels made of?

Xtralite aluminium alloy
The shank and mounting of the trowel are made from Marshalltown’s patented Xtralite aluminium alloy which is lightweight but very strong and secured with ten invisible steel rivets.

Why is Marshalltown so expensive?

More than half of the cost is related to crude oil prices, while federal and state taxes, refining costs and profits, and distribution and marketing costs also play a role.

Where is Marshalltown tools made?

Iowa U.S.A.
We manufacture the world\’s toughest brick trowels in Marshalltown, Iowa U.S.A. We have a complete line of masonry tools that can be found at most MCAA member dealers.

What does PermaShape mean?

MARSHALLTOWN PermaShape® Finishing Trowels are guaranteed to never change its shape and ensures beginning finishers can do a better job and be more productive sooner. The broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks right from the start.

What is QLT Marshalltown?

Our contractor-grade QLT Finishing Trowels are cast aluminum mounting securely riveted to the tempered, polished steel blade. The mounting has a square shank to prevent the handle from turning. Your choice of comfort grip or wood handle.

What is a curved trowel used for?

A curved trowel allows you to expand that second coat somewhat, adding breathability. After it has dried, you can add a third coat and flat-trowel it to level it.

What is a QLT?

QLT. Quality, Level and Temperature (engine oil)

Should a plastering trowel be flat?

When trowelling the plaster – If the trowel is almost flat to the wall then there will be more surface area of the trowel on the wall and therefore more pressure needed. If you are in the process of learning these techniques then a smaller trowel (11 inch) may be preferable.