Is Peterborough tip open during lockdown?

Is Peterborough tip open during lockdown?

Peterborough Household Recycling Centre will stay open throughout the lockdown period. The Household Recycling Centre previously closed in March due to the national lockdown, but later opened again in May, and Peterborough City Council (PCC) has confirmed it will stay open during the second lockdown.

How do I get rid of a mattress in Peterborough?

Drop-off – Waste Management Facility (Landfill)

  1. 1260 Bensfort Rd., Peterborough ON.
  2. 705-745-1386.

How do I dispose of electronics in Peterborough?

Drop-off – Electronic Waste

  1. 400 Pido Road, Peterborough ON.
  2. 705-876-1600.

How do you dispose of batteries in Peterborough?

Drop-off – Household Hazardous Waste

  1. 400 Pido Road, Peterborough ON.
  2. 705-876-1600.

Can I use Peterborough tip?

Are you a Peterborough resident? – Please note that the Household Recycling Centre is for the use of Peterborough residents only. If you need to visit the site, please bring proof of your address (utility bill, council tax bill, driving licence or similar) as you will be asked to provide it.

Can I take my van to the local tip?

Frequently yes. All councils operate slightly differently, but many local councils that allow vans will only let them on site if they have the required permit. Permits are usually free to local residents who want to dispose of household junk, but you will need to apply in advance of your trip.

How do I sort recycling in Peterborough?

Place recyclables loose in blue boxes, separating containers (i.e. plastic, metal, glass, and juice boxes) into one box and paper products (i.e. cardboard, boxboard, newsprint and office paper) into a separate box – do not mix the two streams together.

Do I need to book a slot for Peterborough tip?

All vans within the size restrictions are required to apply for a permit and book a slot to attend site. If you are unsure whether your vehicle requires a permit/booking, please email [email protected] for advice.

How many trips can you make to the tip?

Restrictions at household waste recycling centres

​Vehicle type ​Number of free DIY waste trips per 2 months (60 days)
​Large cars 4 trips​
​Estate cars 4 trips​
MPVs 4 trips​
​People carriers ​4 trips

How many garbage bags can I put out Peterborough?

two garbage
We accept up to two garbage lifts – bags, cans or bulky items that meet the requirements for acceptable lifts – each week for household curbside collection.

Can paper ice cream containers be recycled?

They can only recycle after they have made the papers into pulp. Many recycling companies won’t accept them. All you must do is dispose of the ice cream cartons in your waste bin. However, in some rare cases, some recycling centers can detach the plastic coating from the paper.

When to recycle in Peterborough PE1 5xg?

Peterborough PE1 5XG. HRC opening times. The Household Recycling Centre is open 7 days a week at the following times: 1 April to 30 September – 8am to 6pm; 1 October to 31 March – 8am to 4pm; Bad weather. In the unlikely event the Household Recycling Centre has to close at short notice due to bad weather, these occasions will be announced on

Where can I recycle coffee cups in Peterborough?

Please try again later. The City of Peterborough’s Material Recycling Facility is 390 Pido Rd. is open to drop-off recyclables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are coffee cups from coffee shops recyclable?

Where can I recycle blue boxes in Peterborough?

GreenUP store, 378 Aylmer St. N.: call 705-745-3238. You can use the online tool below to find the day of your collection schedule, changes due to holidays, whether a particular item is recyclable in Peterborough, and how your blue box materials need to be sorted.

When can I dispose of my batteries in Peterborough?

We also regularly schedule an annual curbside collection of household batteries, which will be from November 3 – 6 this year. Watch for more details around that time and for your battery disposal bag to be delivered inside the Peterborough This Week newspaper the week before the collection.