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Is Skegness Pier for sale?

Is Skegness Pier for sale?

Christie & Co instructed to sell iconic UK visitor attraction – Skegness Pier. Last acquired by Robin Mitchell, entrepreneur of a multi-national kiddie-ride manufacturing business established in the early 1960’s, the pier has been in the same family ownership since 1976 and is being offered for sale due to retirement.

Will Skegness Pier be rebuilt?

The new owners of Skegness Pier have said they want to restore the Victorian-built structure to its “former glory”. The pier, which first opened in 1881, was bought by the Mellors Group after being put up for sale for £3m.

What year did Skegness Pier Collapse?

But a devastating storm on January 11, 1978 sent the decking crashing into the North Sea, leaving the theatre and the eastern shelters cut off from the beach. The pier at Hunstanton in Norfolk was also damaged. The overall length of Skegness pier was reduced to 116m and it was never restored to its original size.

Why is Skegness so popular?

One of the main reasons Skegness is so popular for East Midlands daytrippers and consumers living in the East of England is that it is so easy to get to. The town is also home to a superb beach, which has received a number of awards including the Blue Flag Award and the Quality Coast Award.

What is better Mablethorpe or Skegness?

A lovely beach – busy, but lovely. Unlike Skegness, Mablethorpe beach doesn’t feel quite as commercialised. It does get busy, but not quite as busy as Skegness. …

What happened Skegness Pier?

A severe storm in 1978 caused significant damage to the pier, isolating the pier head and shelters which were ultimately demolished in the mid-1980s due to the significant costs of restoration….Skegness Pier.

Type Pleasure
Carries Pedestrians
Locale Skegness
Owner Mellors Group

What’s happening to Skegness Pier?

Exciting Plans for Skegness Pier Mellors Group will set out its ambition to restore Skegness Pier to its nineteenth century glory and to create a visitor attraction fit for the twenty-first century, helping to create new jobs and attract more visitors to Skegness.

What is happening to Skegness Pier?

Who bought Skegness Pier?

The Mellors Group
Skegness Pier has been sold to the owners of the nearby Fantasy Island attraction for £3 million. The famous landmark on the East Lincolnshire coast has been bought by theme park, attractions and events business The Mellors Group, which operates across the UK and Middle East.

Is Skegness good place to live?

Skegness locals are certainly a friendly, down-to-earth bunch. One holidaymaker, who had travelled from Leicester, says: “The main reason we come here is because of everyone you meet out and about and in the bars and stuff. “We’ve made friends for life here over the years. Everyone is great fun and really friendly.”

Is it worth going to Skegness?

While St Mawes in Cornwall came out as the top town, Skegness ranked bottom out of more than 100 other places included in the survey. It achieved the lowest possible score for its attractions, peace and quiet, scenery and value for money – its beach achieved a three star rating out of a possible five.

When can I visit Skegness arcades and attractions?

Visitors to seaside towns such as Skegness can now visit arcades and attractions for the first time since March. In the latest lockdown ease, the Government has allowed most businesses – with a few exceptions like gyms and theatres – to reopen on Saturday, July 4.

What is amusement centre Skegness?

Amusement centre in Skegness where you can find attractions, theme park and all the fun for your family. Straightforward arcade offering an array of whimsical games, plus a cafe for coffee & light fare.

Why choose Skegness Pier for Family Entertainment?

Great family entertainment all year round! Located in sunny Skegness with beautiful sea views, this famous landmark is a one stop destination for the whole family. Skegness Pier is one of the largest Entertainment Centres on the East Coast of Lincolnshire, if you are looking for a family fun-filled day out, you have come to the right place.

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