Is Su 100Y a good tank?

Is Su 100Y a good tank?

The SU-100Y is a very large tank for its tier, larger than even some tier VIII heavy tanks. The SU-100Y has a devastating 130mm gun that, with a Gun Rammer and 100% crew, loads in less than 14 seconds, dealing an average of 440 damage a shell.

Is 7 weak spot World of tanks?

Frontally the IS-7’s armor has both very thick places and heavily angles places that give it a very tough frontal armor scheme. Like most tanks the main weak spot is the lower frontal glacis (LFG) and there are also some weaker parts near the mantler on the frontal turret armor(FT #1 / FT #2).

Is the type 4 heavy any good?

Type 4, while slow and clumsy, can be relatively respectable opponent due to its huge alpha damage, thick armor and high health pool. It shares few traits among with its older brother, Type 5 Heavy, which prepares the player for it.

How many su100y were made?

Manufacturer Soviet Union
Produced 1940
No. built 1

Is 2M world of tanks?

The IS-2M is a Soviet tier 7 premium heavy tank. This vehicle is a modification of the IS-2, developed from the early 1950s through the early 1960s. Before the T-10’s development, the IS-2 was the main Soviet heavy tank. The tank chassis, power unit and turret were significantly changed.