Is the JET Program still active?

Is the JET Program still active?

The application for the 2022 JET Program is now closed. The 2023 JET Application will open in September 2022. But it’s never to early to read about how to apply!

What does the JET Program cover?

Yes, all JET Programme participants are covered under four types of insurance: Health Insurance, Employee’s Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance and JET Accident Insurance.

How long can you stay in the JET Program?

The 2022 JET contract is for roughly 12 months and commences on the day after the designated arrival date. For this year’s departure/arrival dates, please see the Application Timeline. The contracting organization may reappoint the JET participant for an additional one-year contract, with a maximum of five years total.

How many times can you apply for JET Program?

No. JET applications are only available in the fall and there is only one application cycle every year. The only exception to this is application for SEA positions (if available), which are posted in February and due in the spring.

Is there an age limit for jet?

Is there a minimum/maximum age requirement for applying to the JET Programme? No, as long as applicants meet all other eligibility criteria, there is no age requirement limit. However, applicants will be judged on maturity, professionalism, and ability to adjust to other cultures.

Is the jet Programme good?

JET is one of the best English teaching jobs in Japan, and for good reason. While the expectations for teachers are high, JET is a great way to experience Japan and build some foreign work experience. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a teacher, JET is a rewarding and fun job.

Does Jet pay for your housing?

JET Program participants are paid a salary and must pay any costs of living, including rent, out of this salary. JET participants typically live in apartment-style housing, though this may vary by location.

How long is jet interview?

Interview was a only around 20-30 minutes, maybe even less.

Does Jet provide housing?

HOUSING. In principle, the contracting organization assists the JET Program participant in making arrangements for housing. JET Program participants are paid a salary and must pay any costs of living, including rent, out of this salary.

What is the JET Programme?

As one of the aims of the JET Programme is internationalization through cultural exchange at the grassroots level, participants are strongly encouraged to actively interact with members of the local community.

How many countries participate in the JET Programme?

The JET Programme is proud to welcome participants from 57 countries for the 2019-2020 year.

What is the JET Programme’s policy on couples?

Couples are treated the same as every other JET Programme applicant: that is, each applicant is considered based on the strength of his/her application and performance at the interview process. 3.2. My spouse and I have been accepted to the JET Programme. Will we be placed together?

How much do you get paid for the Japan jobjet programme?

JET Programme participants receive approximately 3.36 million yen in their first year of appointment, approximately 3.6 million yen in their second year of appointment, approximately 3.9 million yen for their third appointment, and for those appointed for a fourth and fifth year, approximately 3.96 million yen for each year.