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Is the Vox AC15 worth it?

Is the Vox AC15 worth it?

AC15 is neither fish nor foul. Not enough for decent gigging but way more than you need for home practice. You’d get a used 30 for the same price so as a gigging amp would be perfect, if that’s the sound you want. The new AC15s have a really nice master volume that makes them good for practicing and studio work.

Why did Vox stop making guitars?

These were generally regarded as the best quality guitars ever built under the Vox name. They were discontinued in 1985 when production was moved to Korea and they were replaced by the White Shadow models.

Are Vox amps reliable?

Short answer, yes. But seriously, it depends on what you model it is, what you play, what you need it for, just a ton of factors. Every company has it’s better amps and it’s worse amps, but Vox has got a lot of good stuff imho.

Is Vox ac10 a good amp?

Great lightweight amp! It has all the top end you would expect from a Vox but a surprisingly full low end as well. The gain works very well at high volumes especially. This is not a metal amp obviously , but with a TS9(or without) you can get really nice classic rock tones.It is very loud for a 10 watt amp!

Does Vox AC15 have reverb?

The VOX AC15 is the amp that started it all. The AC15 Custom also offers footswitchable spring reverb and classic VOX tremolo to enhance the already impressive sound.

When did the Beatles stop using Vox?

Brian Epstein died of an accidental drug overdose in 1967. A year later, the band moved away from Vox and started using Fender amps. As the story goes, The Beatles’ deal with Vox concluded when Epstein died. And this is why from 1968 onwards, The Beatles can be seen using Fender amps.

Is Vox a good brand?

For real, VOX is good stuff. If you are talking their flagship AC series, they work best doing music with levels of distortion up before metal. Even then with the right pedal you can get the br00tz out of them.

Is the VOX AC15 versatile?

The Fender Deluxe Reverb and the Vox AC15 are roughly the same size, often used by roughly similar musicians to play broadly similar music. Perhaps this is simply to say that they are both extremely versatile and popular amplifiers.

What accent would you put on Vox’s AC15C1?

Warehouse’s G12C is another inspired addition, lending the AC15C1 a singular transatlantic accent that wouldn’t be out of place on any modern Nashville gold album, yet retaining the midrange earthiness and grind that’s key to the Vox sound.

How long has the Vox AC15 combo been in the market?

Over 60 years since its introduction, the AC15 combo is still a firm fixture in Vox’s current catalogue.

Which loudspeaker should I choose for my AC15C1?

For some time now it’s been possible to buy the AC15C1 with a choice of loudspeaker: the standard model is Celestion’s Greenback, while the famous Alnico Blue is available as a premium option, at a premium price.

Who makes the Celestion AC15C1 with G12C driver?

Currently, there’s also a limited-edition AC15C1 in cream vinyl, with a Celestion Creamback, one of the most popular new drivers in Celestion’s range. Now a fourth choice is expanding the AC15’s tonal possibilities: a limited-edition run of AC15C1’s featuring the G12C driver made by Warehouse Guitar Speakers from Kentucky, USA.